Sun square Jupiter + Opportunities & Compromises

Questions about your beliefs and sense of meaning and purpose are highlighted under the tense angle created between the Sun and Jupiter at 23 Scorpio / Aquarius on November 15 and 16, if you’re in Australia.

Generally speaking, connections between the Sun and Jupiter welcome optimism, expansion and growth. In fact, Marcilio Ficino, a 4th Century astrologer and philosopher called the Sun, Jupiter and Venus, the sky’s three graces, due to their warming, life affirming and generous of nature. This week, we get two out of three, which may help provide a much-needed buffer amidst the current astro-weather.

This particular aspect does bring a few challenges that hinder the Sun and Jupiter from offering their best.

The Sun in Scorpio has no special dignity and is classified as peregrine. That said, it is co-present with its ruling planet Mars, powerfully placed in Scorpio.

Interestingly, Jupiter finds itself in the exact same circumstance. Peregrine and co-present with its ruler, Saturn in Aquarius!

The Sun and Jupiter are often referred to as the King’s of the sky. Big, bright and larger than life.

Clashing against each other in two fixed signs, these powerful planets are vying for victory, although both ill positioned to do so.

Square aspects are of the nature of Mars, generating tension and conflict. Squares make obvious what isn’t working in a certain situation. The discomfort the square provides opportunity for compromise and adjustment.

In fixed signs, the question begs, who’s going to budge?

From a technical standpoint, the Sun is in the overcoming or dominant position. It has overarching influence over Jupiter.

While this isn’t the best iteration of a Sun / Jupiter aspect, I’d happily take it over none at all. Plus, the Sun and Jupiter being graces of the sky, offer support or guidance around some of the difficulty from last week’s square between Mars and Saturn in the same signs.

This means you may find a hard-won solution, like an “agree to disagree” type of outcome. There may be a level of compromise that is not ideal, but workable.

As this aspect builds, feelings of overwhelm or that you’ve over-stretched yourself is a signal that perhaps, you’ve taken on too much. If bubbles of resentment are rising to the surface, if you feel you’ve been too generous with your time, effort or resources, you may need to look at where you can reduce your commitments.

Sometimes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

These feelings may remind you that it’s better to bend rather than break.

Opportunities for growth and expansion are still possible, though it might take additional effort to manifest. Instead of free-flowing abundance, you may need to make some adjustments or accept a compromise that brings an opportunity to life.

Conversely, if you’ve been overindulgent, entitled or lacking in self-awareness, it may be necessary to – as we say here in Australia, “pull ya head in!”

The Sun and Jupiter working together may temp you to say “yes.” Your best bet for now might be to think about it. Apply Scorpio’s prowess for strategy with the Aquarian ability to think outside the box. Consider what shifts you may need to make in your life to bring something to fruition. How can you find middle ground without compromising your personal philosophy and truth?

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