Sun sextile Jupiter – Make Hay While the Sun Shines

One of the most exciting aspects for January sees the Sun and Jupiter join forces on Friday February 10 in Australia, and Thursday the 9th in the US.

Fortune and favour are possible as the Sun and Jupiter form a sextile aspect at 18 Aquarius/Sagittarius. Until December 3, 2019 you can hedge your bets on Jupiter as he’s in top position to bare gifts of abundance and support.

Fresh from the New Moon in Aquarius earlier this week, new ideas, insights or breakthroughs have the potential to gain momentum as the Sun interacts with Jupiter.

As the radiance, warmth and moisture of these two planets bring life to a new idea, there’s a golden opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. This fortuitous connection may bring a person of influence who can guide or mentor you. You may also make the penny dropping realisation that you’re in a better position than you thought to say yes to something that inspires and uplifts you.

Across the elements of air and fire, taking action or a leap of faith is highlighted. With the Sun in the visionary and idealistic sign of Aquarius, coupled with adventurous and opportunistic Sagittarius, your big picture dreams for the future are there for the taking.

Recent setbacks can be overcome with a fresh attitude that can lead to an exciting breakthrough or new possibility. By seeing a challenge as an opportunity you’ll be motivated to push past any missed chances or seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Starting a new project can fare well, especially if that means backing yourself in a business or personal venture.
These two planets joining forces can assist you in developing your own personal mission. By seeking experiences that help you grow, you bring meaning and purpose to your life.

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