Sun + Saturn = Frustration

This week’s astrology is strongly flavoured by the opposition of the Sun and Saturn. This tense link between our brightest and most vital star (the Sun) and the farthest planet that the eye can see (Saturn) may highlight your mid-year progress, or lack thereof.

The Sun and Saturn made their annual conjunction back on December 10, 2016. Like a New Moon, this connection seeded hopes for outcomes for 2017. Now that we are half way through the year, and half way through the Sun/Saturn cycle, it’s like a Full Moon phase for Saturn. This tense and frustrating aspect can not only shine a light on progress so far, but also your limitations and responsibilities.

Assuming you’ve passed the tests that Saturn endows, and accepted the challenges and responsibilities along the way, you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Despite his bad reputation, Saturn is the ultimate manifester. You may not have achieved exactly what you wanted at this point in time. Some adjustments may have prompted a course correction, but nonetheless, you’re on your way.

He also has associations with Karma. Did you follow through with the promises you made around New Year or did old habits die hard? If you’ve rested on your laurels or taken the easy way out, you could be feeling the pinch. Disappointment or a sense of overwhelm, self-imposed or otherwise can make life feel pretty heavy now.

Frustration is the feeling of this week, signalling that something needs to shift. The fact that these two planets are opposing each other highlights a lack of balance. Too much work, too many obligations, too many responsibilities. It can be easy to lose a sense of your own identity when you’re busy being a wind up solider.

It may be a case of having to set more defined boundaries and being honest with yourself with what it and isn’t working. Saturn either confirms or denies. While this week may bring a harsh reality check. The gift is that you can redefine the direction of the second half of 2017.

Have you been feeling frustrated this week? I know I have. Trying to balance career and being a Mum often feels like trying to drive with the handbrake on. I’ve been trying to write this blog for three days. But alas, here it is. And this all too, shall pass.

As the Sun and Saturn are forming an opposition, you’ll be able to spot Saturn rising in the East as the Sun sets in the West. Due to this aspect forming the middle of Saturn’s retrograde phase, he’s closer to Earth and therefore brighter than usual!
The Sun and Saturn perfect their opposition on Thursday, June 15 8:09pm AEST

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