Sun opposite Neptune – Rising Tides

This weekend the Sun and Neptune stand across opposite ends of the sky, highlighting conflicting forces that may leave you feeling uncertain or clouded.

As center the Universe, the Sun is the life force that all life depends on and revolves around. The Sun is associated with heat and dryness.

Symbolically, the Sun represents our ego, our own life force and light, describing how we wish to be seen as well as the light we radiate toward others. It’s the principle of identity and our sense of purpose in who we are.

Neptune on the other hand is cold and feminine in its nature and tends to dissolve what has been built up. While often considered to be a plant that indicates creativity and spirituality, the nature of Neptune does indicate a time where we can feel pulled by forces that are indefinable and difficult to describe.

In Indian astrological traditions, planets are called ‘gravitas,’ or, gravity. Planets are said to have a type of pull or energetic force field on us. Astronomically, second only to Jupiter, Neptune has the second largest gravitational pull of all of the planets. So, it makes sense that when under the nebulous influence of Neptune, it can feel like a massive wave of water washing over you, dampening the heat and dryness of the Sun’s light.

This weekend as the Sun and Neptune face off, you may feel like your own light has been clouded or the path forward feels less clear. A sense of loss of self, ego or identity may make things feel less certain than what they did before.

Neptune calls for surrender. Like the oceanic tides that wash in and wash out, moving with the rhythms of your heart is called for now. You may need some space and stillness to let your feelings rise to the surface, like an incoming tide. Letting go and trusting that process will allow that same tide to wash away what needs to be left behind, revealing a new clarity to help you move forward.

Disillusionment is a big Neptune key theme. You may experience a sense of grief or sadness at the perceived loss of how you thought things should be. Frustration, anxiety or sorrow are all a normal part of the Neptune process.

Returning to a hobby or outlet that brings you joy is a constructive avenue to work with Neptune. Music and the arts fall under Neptune’s domain and you might find solace in your favourite tunes, movies or writings now. Time by the water can also be cathartic and healing or, if you’re a bit like me, some time alone with wine and Netflix can help promote a little bit of escapism.

As the Sun meets Neptune at the exaltation degree of Mercury at 15 Virgo, you might feel tempted to resort to over thinking, over analyzing or applying logic alone to resolve an issue, especially with Mercury also touring Virgo.
Working with feelings versus facts can sometimes be the trickiest terrain to navigate. This weekend, allow your feelings to bubble up and simply be. Sit with the waves as they come and go, process the reality later.

The Sun Neptune opposition perfects September 7/8.

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