Sun in Virgo – Adaption & Improvement

I enjoy the Sun’s annual tour in Virgo. Even though Venus, Mars and Mercury have already dipped into the earthy mutable terrain, the Sun kind of illuminates and seals the deal this year.

As a cold dry earth sign, Virgo is methodical, practical and it likes to do things. Its mutable nature allows wiggle room for adaptability, deviation and improvement.

Being of the earth element and ruled by Mercury, the Virgo energy is about thinking and doing. One of my favourite personal philosophies is the power of “decide and do.” You get the opportunity to do this with planets in Virgo.

For most of 2021, my usual (and fairly militant) training and diet regime has been all but non-existent. I noticed I changed around the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020. I got so much into that heady or cerebral space, I lost connection with my body.

This is the particularly magical component of the sign of Virgo, it taps both into the body (earth), and the mind (Mercury), making this sign particularly adept at topics involving health and wellness. Virgo has the capacity to deconstruct and analyse things in order to make small improvements.

Like many people, I can fall victim to the “all or nothing” approach. If I can’t do something perfectly or exactly then what’s the point?

I had to make the honest and painful realisation that throwing heavy things around in the gym for 8 – 10 hours a week was no longer sustainable for my body or my mind. Tracking every macronutrient I consumed was something I just didn’t want to do anymore.

I had to adapt my protocols by making improvements to the way I had been doing things. This came to light especially once Mercury entered Virgo on August 12.

The point here is that Virgo is adaptable. It examines, takes stock of what is and adapts. We often get it wrong with the phrase, “only the strong survive,” biology disproves that. Only those who adapt survive.

As the Sun prepares to exit its solar home in Leo, consider where you may have been too rigid, too proud or too unwilling to budge.

What I love about Virgo is the ability to connect the mind and body. In a world full of opinions, trauma and uncertainty, Virgo reminds us to reconnect. So many of us walk through the world totally disconnected from our body’s. How they feel. How they move. What they tell us. How they guide us. The body keeps score.

The Sun in Virgo is an ideal time to clean up, improve systems and efficiency. A tweak here or a small fix there can lead to big changes. Perhaps you’ve been doing that already.

Whatever your goals are, to get fit, eat more healthily or get your calendar organised, or make your terrain inhospitable to bioweapons, small but consistent improvements and adjustments are the way to ensure success.

What have you been doing recently to make improvements in your life?

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