Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun entered Sagittarius overnight officially kicking off the silly season! As Jupiter finds his home in the sign of the archer, Sadge season often symbolises excess and this time of year it’s of food, booze, good times and spending!

With Saturn also in Sagittarius there will be most definitely an element of restraint this year- Saturn will reign in the excessive and the frivolous, paving the way for serious contemplation of Sadge themes including seeking of truth and meaning, higher knowledge and freedom . Being a mutable sign, chances are you may feel some of your personal philosophies may shift and change with Saturn (as well as Neptune) forces in play.

Coupled with Jupiter in Virgo- Sagittarius season will definitely have a no frills and a less jovial vibe this year! Virgo is a sign of work and service, so it may be more about what you can do for others than for yourself. The thought that counts will truly have more meaning and sincerity than grandiose displays of gratitude and thanks.

The last time the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius where together was December 1987! A quick Google search will demonstrate how history is repeating itself in regard to Saturn in Sagittarius themes.

A Full Moon on the 26th will highlight the value of data and facts as opposed to ideas or hunches. With the Moon’s ruler Mercury very close to Saturn, you may have to decide between the hard facts vs what you may believe or want to be true. Mercury linking up with Mars and Neptune will encourage you to act upon the choices you make even if the road ahead is foggy at first.

The area of Sagittarius in your personal horoscope is the area of life where you seek deeper meaning and where you’re challenged to find your own personal philosophy. The aspect of your life where you find yourself with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude or where you tend to ‘act now think later’ is most likely the area you need to really scale back and redefine your personal boundaries.

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