Sun In Sagittarius – A Return To Optimism

The Sun moves into Sagittarius this afternoon (1:05pm AEST) officially ending Scorpio season.
Over the upcoming days, you may notice a return to optimism as you focus on what’s possible. Sagittarius is both fire and mutable, and is the most inspirational and volatile of the signs. Its restless spirit may prompt you to seek a sense of meaning and purpose, after deep reflections of the Sun in Scorpio.

Speaking of Scorpio, Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet resides there, so there will still be underpinnings of depth and intensity during the Sun’s time in the archer’s sign.

This may mean that while the Sun tours adventurous and spirited Sagittarius, you could find your sense of adventure within.

With the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius, it will show a new area of life being lit up. The house that Sagittarius rules in your own birth chart will be actioned packed over the upcoming 4 weeks.

So, while there is a sense of new hope from the Sun, there is also a sense of something almost being finally over. Saturn concludes his final sojourn within the next month, bringing a sense of closure and completion.

Mercury is preparing to retrograde in Sagittarius, which begins on December 3. Some deep insights and revelations may be gained as Mercury Rx highlights a period of reflection, rethinking and aligning new perspectives into our personal philosophy.

As the vital force of the universe, the Sun will shine a light into the story of the last 3 years. Mercury retrograde can bring new insights and revelations as well as a temporary one step forward, two back feel until January. Saturn’s departure will help you tie up loose ends and bring a sense of closure, like reading the final chapter of a book.

Over the next week or so, you may begin to feel an increased focus in the following areas of life. If you know your ascendant/rising sign, then read that, if not then you’re Sun sign will work too!

Aries- 9th house – discovery, adventure, academia, travel, learning/teaching

Taurus – 8th house – joint money, finances, debts, loans, investments

Gemini – 7th house – relationships both personal and professional

Cancer – 6th house– health/wellness/sickness, the grind, pets

Leo- 5th house – fun, romance, sex, creativity, children

Virgo – 4th house – domestics, family, real estate, origins

Libra – 3rd house – siblings, short journeys, daily rituals, communication/learning

Scorpio – 2nd house – money, cash flow, value, possessions

Sagittarius – 1st house – all about you, image, habits, attitudes, body

Capricorn – 12th house – private zone, retreat, release, self-undoing, escape

Aquarius – 11th house – good fortune and general luck, friendships, communities, allies

Pisces – 10th house – career, public reputation and image, fame and recognition

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