Sun In Sagittarius

I’m so relieved that the Sun is now in Sagittarius! For the last month, the Sun has been transiting my 6th house. I came down with a virus that took two courses of antibiotics and I still lost my voice for a week!
Now that the Sun is out of my 6th and my profected time lord Mercury is out from under the beams, I can resume my usual posting schedule!

Sun in Sagittarius
The Sun’s annual passage through tropical Sagittarius begins Tuesday 22nd November. The change of element from fixed water to mutable fire is akin to that of yin and yang or from stillness to movement. As a sign symbolised by the archer, Sagittarius can help you push out into the world and explore new horizons, seeking adventure, purpose and truth.
During the Sun’s time in Sagittarius, up until the Solstice, he will share space with Saturn. This will temper the exuberance and optimism Sadge is known for and flavour him with a healthy dose of responsibility, limits and wisdom.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter in Libra, where relationship themes will be highlighted. You may need to seek a sense of equilibrium and balance during the excess that is Sagittarius and this time of year in general. This week will also bring into play the first of three squares between Jupiter and Pluto- but more on that later.
Whilst in the archers sign, the Sun will make some significant aspects to other planets.

Sun square Neptune – December 1st

The square aspect often signifies tension or the need for adjustment. This tension can bring about much needed perspective changes about what is meaningful and inspirational to you. Though the general vibe of today may feel foggy or discombobulating, it can help you tap into something greater. Often, a brief ‘check out’ from reality can help you gain a clearer perspective about what’s deep in your heart.

Sun conjunct Saturn and Sextile Jupiter – December 10th
There are many ways to interpret this planetary combination. Today may feel both solid and supportive while you ponder the many horizons that your inner being may wish to venture toward. Inertia and movement or grounded growth may be concepts to explore today.
Last year, although the Sun and Saturn were co-present in Sagittarius, they didn’t actually make a tight conjunction. This year, the Sun meets Saturn at 18 degrees while at the same time, Saturn casts a friendly link to Jupiter who share some positive receptions. Approach everything you want in life like you already have it!

Sun trine Uranus December 12th

With both the Sun and Uranus in fiery and independent signs, you may need to go it alone today. Bucking the system, going against the grain or sticking up the proverbial middle finger will help you find a sense of autonomy and authenticity.

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“Sagittarius” Artwork by Intuitive Artist, Michelle Smith

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