Sun In Pisces

Late this Saturday evening, February 18, the Sun will take his annual deep dive into the depths of the oceanic ebb and flow, known as Pisces.

Pisces is a sign associated with empathy, imagination and daydreaming. As the final sign of the Zodiac, it is like a psychic sponge. Pisces absorbs all the signs that come before it. Not surprising that compassion is one of the key signatures of this soulful and sensitive sign.

Being compassionate also includes to yourself! Compassion can take form in forgiving your shortcomings. Reducing tendency toward criticism and judgement. Thoughts of not being good enough or allowing fear to consume you.

If you know your birth chart, these topics will become important in the area of life governed by the sign of Pisces. Intuition and inspiration will be highlighted as well as a go with the flow vibe that can errs toward vague.
While in Pisces, the Sun will make a number of aspects that will temper or tone the flavour of the day.

Sun Conjunct the South Node, 21-22 February
This will be the final time that this aspect occurs in Pisces for another 19 years! Emotions, energies, situations, bad habits or even people can now be gently let go of. Sometimes, the most compassionate thing you can do is to release what no longer deserves to be held on to.

New Moon Eclipse in Pisces, 27 February
Bright new beginnings are now possible with the New Moon in Pisces. This eclipse is associated with pleasant surprises, sudden happiness and joyful events. Soulful Neptune is also aligned to this eclipse suggesting that operating from your instinct and feelings is important. The electric combination of Mars and Uranus may trigger events to move suddenly and excitingly in ways you don’t expect!

Sun Conjunct Neptune, 1-2 March

The Sun makes his annual conjunction with dreamy Neptune. Not known for the most active of energies, so your best bet may be to do very little. Indulge your efforts into what inspires you and what makes your soul sing!

Sun Conjunct Mercury Cazimi- 7th March

A powerful day where Mercury is said to be ‘at the heart of the King.’ This makes it an ideal day for making a pitch or proposal, sending an important email or beginning negotiations on a deal. By using this elevated position of Mercury, you may be surprised how beneficial the outcome can be!

Sun Sextile Pluto, 8-9 March
Although still regarded as a favourable aspect, the sextile still requires some personal effort. Today, you may focus your attention on getting to the bottom of a matter. A clean up and clear out may be required. This may be a personal or emotional issue close to your heart. Not as heavy as some Pluto transits, this will still require you to be confrontational. It will be to your advantage.

Sun Square Saturn, 17-18 March
A quintessential ground-hog day aspect. The weight of the world might be too heavy, and with the Sun in Pisces, the temptation is to escape. Saturn rewards hard work, but in Sagittarius, he’s biting at the bit to go on an adventure as well. Today might bring feelings of resentment toward duty, responsibilities or obligations especially as your soul longs to be somewhere other than were you are today. On the flipside, digging a little deeper today will yield longer term rewards.

The Sun will be in Pisces from 19th February until 21st March.

“Pisces” Artwork by Intuitive Artist, Michelle Smith

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