Sun in Cancer & Annual Profections – Turning Tides & New Desires

Welcome to the Cancer Solstice!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved this time of year. As a child, it was the excitement and anticipation of an approaching birthday. As an astrologer, it’s my peak period to not only honour the slowing down of the Sun, but also to welcome a new profected time lord. I have a webinar where you can learn all about profections!

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st in the North and the 22nd, here in Australia. Thus, marking one of two of the Sun’s major turning points of the year.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, like me, we celebrate the longest night and the promise of brighter days ahead. It’s a time of hope and promise.

For those reading in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re in the height of mid-Summer, enjoying the longer days and the bounty of the recent Spring season.

Regardless of which half of the globe you’re located, a Solstice denotes a period of slowing down (solstice translates to “sun standing still”) and reflecting on the past six months as you shift your gaze toward the next.

Sun in Cancer.

As a Cancer native, I run on the energy of Cardinal Water. I tend to initiate things based on a feeling or intuition, rather than logic and reason. You too, during the Solstice season, may find yourself making move or a choice that feels right, even if you can’t quite explain why.

One of Cancer’s driving forces is the need for security. Money in the bank. Food in the fridge. A roof over their head. Emotional security is paramount too, so this Cancer season may highlight the need to spend more time with those you love and feel safe with. Family, friends, home and hearth. That might mean warm Summer evenings and a barbeque with friends or nights on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanky. In fact, I recently purchased the most Cancerian thing ever – an electric heated throw rug. It’s from Kmart – thank me later!

Cancers are creatures of habit too. You might start to feel into some of the habits you’ve generated over the past six months – do they help or hinder you? Do you need to incorporate new habits into your life that provide the security and connections you want?

Sun in Cancer & Jupiter in Taurus & Annual Profections

Over the next four weeks, the Sun and Jupiter will share a sextile relationship. You may notice an increasing desire for safety and security, as well as stability and comfort, which should be reasonably easy to create.

On my last Solar Return, I entered a Jupiter profection and the gas giant was located in Aries. Several months later, he retrograded back into Pisces, then entered Aries again and finally moved into Taurus, all within a twelve-month period. It’s rare to experience three iterations of Jupiter within that time frame!

February 2023 saw Jupiter occupy the degree of the Zodiac it held on my Solar Return of June 2022 and a switch flipped.
I attended a local community group meeting (Aries is my 11th House) and I got talking to a man and his wife who had transformed their property into a food forest. So inspired by the prospect of being more self – sufficient for my son, myself and for anyone who needed it, I reawakened my love for the garden.

I haven’t stopped growing since.

I figured I’d got the basics of vegetables and flowers sorted, the next step was to work with another major source of abundance – money. As Jupiter was preparing to enter Taurus back in May, I realised actually wanted to keep more of the wealth I create. This meant addressing some of the ways I was leaking money, such as repeated visits to the supermarket and buying things I didn’t really need or going to the shops as an excuse to get out of the house – an occupational habit of working from home.
I had to admit I had also been shopping to satisfy other emotions – how often do you use “treat yourself” as an excuse? I also cancelled some subscriptions, shopped for a better deal on insurances, banks and interest rates. I now do the bulk of my groceries at Aldi rather than Woolies (a major Australian supermarket). Just a few small tweaks and I’ve already saved myself thousands on an annual basis.

As the Solstice happens, Mercury and Mars will form a sextile across Gemini and Leo, which may inspire you to make a bold move or a choice that supports your sovereignty. This may be about your wealth or it could be a precursor to some of your shifting desires as a part of Venus’ upcoming retrograde in Leo too. More on that later.

What would you like to steadily grow and sustain over the next six months?

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