Sun In Aquarius

The Sun entered Aquarius just as I enjoyed the first sip of salubrious caffeine, and had a 2-year-old point at the television and say, “Mummy dat one,” referring to which episode he wanted to watch of his favourite garbage truck channel on YouTube. He has an Aquarian Moon, so none of the usual ABC4Kids for this guy!

About 2/3rd into each month, the Sun changes signs. If you’re new to astrology or trying to gain a deeper understanding of how the astrological signs influence your life, the passage of the Sun is a great way to do that.
As the centre of our solar system, the Sun is a life-giving force. Each month his light shines in a different sector of your birth chart, inviting you to ‘give life’ into a new part of your chart aka, your life!

In Aquarius, the Sun likes to shine toward the unorthodox, the weird and the different. Like Capricorn, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. I’ve heard many an Aquarian say “How can I be ruled by Saturn when I’m outside the boundaries?” Exactly! Aquarians know where the boundaries are, and often, they can fit quite well inside establishments or protocols. It’s that they have the ability to dance to the beat of their own drum within these ‘boundaries’, secretly raising the middle finger while the boss has his back turned.

Where do you need to be dancing to the beat of your own drum now? Where do you need to do things differently to how you’ve done them before? Where are you experiencing some light bulb moments or radical new ideas? Where do you need to buck the system? Where are you feeling like you’re busting at the seams, dying to be…..well..different?
This may be a key where you need to shine your weird light now.


Listed are the houses that the Sun in Aquarius is lighting up until March 19 for each sign. If you know your rising sign, read that one as well.

Aquarius- all about you in the first house. Embrace your unique self and don’t let anyone rain on your parade! Extra energy and vitality is yours to behold now. Do what makes your soul sing during your birthday month!

Pisces- the Sun’s tour through your most private house suggests taking some time out to reset your spirit. Time alone may be preferred and doing the bare essentials to get you through. Conserve your personal energy as much as you can. Dreams and intuition may be heightened now.

Aries- Time spent meeting new people may bring shifts to your social circles. Finding new ways of expressing your individuality in a more authentic way can bring closure to certain friendships, opening doors to fabulous new possibilities with kindred spirits.

New insights gained pertaining to your career or future path need to be acted on now. Aligning your career path with your personal philosophies will become your focus. Do something different. Step outside your comfort zone.

Spreading your message through social media, your website or the Internet will be extra important now. New ways of marketing your brand will inspire you to shine. Overseas travel, further studies or even legal matters may be of focus.

Cancer- your debt and investment sector needs a shake- up. If tried and true methods of saving and investing aren’t providing the progress you’re after, then try a different approach. Embrace a new perspective.

Leo- If you’re love life is feeling a little hum-drum, then shine your light onto the one you love and make it all about them! Do something radical and unexpected. The element of surprise will add the right amount of spice to your relationship.

Virgo- This month is about time management for you. Embracing new technology may help you reduce some laborious tasks or streamline your time. A new approach to your health and wellbeing rituals will boost your energy and vitality.

Libra- Seek unorthodox ways to have fun and enjoy yourself if boredom has set into your social scene. Visit new places and look to connect with new people. Children may also bring about a sense of joy and playful fun into your world now.

Scorpio- The Sun lights up your home and family sector this month. If you’ve always done things a certain way, look to switch things up. Break away from hand-me-down traditions and create your own.

Sagittarius- New ways to express yourself through communication and writing will be a highlight for you. Incorporating fresh and inspiring daily rituals will also put a spring in your step. Attention and energy may also be geared toward your siblings.

Capricorn- Boost your cash flow by thinking outside the box and embracing technologies. Gumtree or Ebay can help you get rid of old stuff or renting out a spare room on AirBnB can help you splash a little extra cash around this month.

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