Sun conjunct Neptune – Blissful Escape

March 4 sees the Sun and Neptune align at 13 degrees Pisces. This annual event is the dreamiest and one of the most soulful days of the year.

As Neptune is one of three outer planets, its energy manifests a little differently than those we can see with our naked eye. As the Sun and Neptune meet, the essence of Neptune is drawn into the radiance of the Sun, bringing its energy closer to us for around 24 hours.

Neptune is associated with the ocean, vast and boundaryless. With its waves that wash up and then wash away, Neptune’s vibe is ebb and flow. Like the tides that fluctuate, energy under the influence of Neptune waxes and wanes. The desire to escape from reality and restrictions is heightened, as is the need for freedom to go with the flow.

The essence of Neptune is about surrender, release and letting go. Rather than doing, Neptune is about simply being. This can be tricky if you work best under structure, routine or order.

This year, as the Sun and Neptune meet, they do so under the supportive guidance of Jupiter in Scorpio. This highlights the need for deep soulful connections. Under this influence things need to be real and if they’re not, you may feel the need to gently let them go.

This compassionate pairing promotes empathy and understanding. Be mindful of your boundaries now and listen to any triggers within that something doesn’t feel right within you.

Photo of my son running on the beach at Byron Bay, on my 40th birthday.

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