Sun Conjunct Jupiter – Fighting Resistance

Just once a year, the Sun and Jupiter come together in the sky. Some astrologers call this the luckiest day of the year.

When the two sky kings join forces, they offer hope, optimism and opportunity. In the upcoming days, you might notice a little bit of effort takes you a long way now.

The Sun may shed some light upon what the deeper meaning of this longer-term Jupiter cycle means for you.
Both the Sun and Jupiter are bodies associated with light, and are diurnal planets. They radiate both warmth and inspiration.

Together, they are larger than life, buoyant and exuberant and they both have a positive disposition and a benevolent agenda. While in Scorpio, they illuminate what is otherwise dark, hidden or even painful.

“when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you” Nietzsche

Jupiter has been in Scorpio a little over 2 weeks now and a theme I’ve noticed in client sessions is that of resistance.

When things don’t feel good, it’s human nature to avoid them. In the short-term desire to escape pain, we resist the strength that comes from it. Things are only hard until they are done.

An analogy I use for this is driving. Remember when you first learned to drive, you focused on every tiny detail? Every gear change was exhausting. Heaven forbid the lights went red and you were on an incline, going through the motions of the clutch release in your mind, waiting for the lights to change. Remember the terrible butterflies each time you got in the car? Now, you get from A to B and wonder how you even got there.
You faced your fears because you wanted something greater than the fear– your license!

What is it that you want now? What is awakening in your soul, but you’re resisting it?

Scorpio is a deeply intuitive sign, instinctively we know what we have to do now… but alas, we resist.

Kings generally don’t take well to resistance and the Sun and Jupiter are the same. The Sun as our main star of light, warmth and vitality seeks to express itself through our ego, our identity and how we wish to be seen in the world.
Jupiter, our Solar System’s largest planet, serves us by expanding our experience, broadening our horizons and integrating these new perspectives.

The current cosmic climate asks us to not only walk in light, but to dare to cast a shadow and discover what it reveals. To not only cast the shadow, but to look at it, and to look at it long enough that it might even look back.
What is looking back at you?

The next few days can illuminate what the transit Jupiter in Scorpio means for you.

If you’d like to gain greater clarity about how these celestial influences work, you may enjoy my Jupiter in Scorpio lecture, or my Beginners Astrology Workshop

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