Sun and Uranus- Breaking Free

Today feels different for me. I had the unexpected pleasure of waking up alone. At this stage of my life that means no little fingers playing with my nose, and hearing ‘Mummy come back’ when I roll over to try and escape.

To be able to wake up, make myself a coffee, turn on my laptop and write as the Sun rises over the hill and into my window was just bliss.

Before that, I got to lay in bed and enjoy my sense of space and independence. I reached for my phone. 7:33am. A sleep in!

I’d been wanting to write a blog post about the Sun/Uranus conjunction that forms today for the last couple of days. As a writer, inspiration doesn’t flow on tap all of the time and as this is just a once-a-year aspect, sometimes the potency of the energy doesn’t flow until it comes a lot closer.

Still in bed, I open Facebook. At some stage during the day I love to look at the ‘on this day’ app and look for past posts about my son. I don’t often scroll back further than the last couple of years, because generally, I’m not one to look back.

Today I did.

14th April 2012
“6 months from now I know I won’t recognise my life and I’m so excited”

At the time, I was in the midst of a lengthy Sun/Uranus transit in my own birth chart and begun the process of some major change in my life that shocked some people and devastated others.

I realised that I’d made some choices in my life that weren’t authentic.
I needed to break free. I was in the process of leaving a long-term partner. We had a business together. We had bought a house. We had dogs…oh how I still miss those dogs!

I had become derailed. In the process of wanting to love someone, I forgot who I was. My Sun/ Uranus transits sent me shocks and surprises, good times and bad, good people and bad, all to put me on a course correction- back to my authentic self.

It actually took 8 months for my life to look different. By November, I came to Brisbane for a little R&R after an incident of trauma (non-related to the break-up). My life felt like a roller coaster I couldn’t get off. I was living on adrenaline and I was beyond tired.

Within the first 48 hours of being back in my home town, I didn’t feel the usual itch of wanting to get straight back down to Sydney.

I made an announcement out of thin air.

“If I can find a place to live by close of business on Friday, I’ll stay in Brisbane.”

Friends I was staying with jumped for joy at the prospect of having me back after 18 years. I figured I had to find a place to live in Sydney anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to look here. Plus, I didn’t want to return to renew a contract I had in a corporate role in the only office job I ever had. So not me!

By 3:44pm Friday afternoon I received and email from a real estate agent saying my application for an apartment had been accepted. The name of the building was “The Retreat.” I didn’t realise that until after I moved in!

So back to the astrology…. today’s Sun/Uranus aspect cosmically invites you to make authentic choices. They may not seem logical, practical or even viable but they just feel right.

It’s interesting to note that this annual meeting of these two planets occurs at a time of year where expectations are higher than your average weekend. Religious festivities are often combined with family events where obligation and duty prevail.

Perhaps you want to do something different?

Breaking with tradition or with the status quo is a hallmark theme of Uranus. With both the Sun and Uranus in Aries, freedom, independence and doing things your own way is highly encouraged.

Aries is a pioneering sign. Unafraid to charge into uncharted territory and break new ground. You’re invited to do the same.

The Sun in Aries is exalted and speaks to vitality and potential. Uranus, known as the ‘great awakener’ can help you unleash or unlock that potential by going down the road less travelled.

Perhaps it’s about saying no to expectations, to traditions and establishing your own.

Although they felt right at the time, the choices I was making 10 years ago began to steer me away from my own sense of personal authenticity. By the time I realised how far off course I’d gone, I had to make the difficult yet totally right decision to break away from what appeared to be secure and stable, and head back toward my True North.

Once a year, collectively we are invited to reflect on our own sense of personal authenticity and make any required adjustments. This is the second last time that the Sun and Uranus will meet in Aries. The final time will be March 2018 making their last exact conjunction in April.

This Easter weekend you might like to try switching up your routines. Do things the way you want to do them, rather than the way they’ve always been done. Break away from the old and embrace the new. Establish new traditions. Trust in your instincts rather than logic. Do what feels right for you, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

A quick overview of the Sun and Uranus through the signs.

Even if you don’t have any planets in Aries, you will have an area of your birth chart that is ruled by the Ram. If you know your ascendant or rising sign, read that one too!

Aries- appearance, attitudes, body and habits
Taurus- private space, spirituality, self-sabotaging habits, downtime, R&R
Gemini- social networks, friends, associates and colleagues
Cancer- career and success, reputation, vocation or calling
Leo- travel, study, teaching, publishing, anything foreign, pilgrimage
Virgo- joint finances, superannuation, long term investments, taxation, inheritances
Libra- relationships- professional and personal
Scorpio- time management, health and wellbeing rituals
Sagittarius- fun, pleasure, romance and children
Capricorn- domestic life, home and family, ancestry
Aquarius- communication, logistics and siblings
Pisces- income and cash flow

If you’d like to explore your themes of personal authenticity, you might enjoy a natal chart consultation.

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