Sun and Neptune- Finding Your Spirit

Sun conjunct Neptune

The annual meeting of the Sun with Neptune can bring rise to feelings of needing to take a break or to simply give up. Under Neptune’s mystical haze, it can be tricky to navigate your path and logic and reason don’t seem so, well…reasonable.
When Neptune triggers the Sun, he is suggesting that something needs to be let go of or released in order to shine. During this brief meeting, it could be easy to mistake a forced ending for quitting, but in reality, it’s a temporary fog to help you slow down a bit, breathe, and hear the calling of your spirit.

Hot off the heels of a Virgo Full Moon and with Jupiter currently retrograde in Virgo, facts, figures, and over analysis of a situation could be clouding your judgement, slowing down your progress and leaving you even more confused and uninspired.

Sometimes, it can feel as though there isn’t anything you can let go of, especially at times of heightened confusion or feeling overwhelmed. Delegate responsibilities, establish systems or routines that will help you generate a sense of peace and calm in the chaos.

To please Neptune is like leaving the house without your mobile. No easy access to what time of day is it, to the endless flicking for another piece of frivolous information, or to be interrupted by a text message or phone call. By voiding yourself of useless data and distractions, your mind can slow down and you can reconnect with how you feel in any given space or time, or in general.

Re-connecting with a creative outlet or hobby, getting in touch with nature-especially the beach or ocean or absorbing yourself in a good film or fiction/fantasy novel are great ways to honour the influence of our Solar Systems’ most nebulous and soulful planet.

An image for the Sun conjunct Neptune is somebody meditating on the beach at sunrise. Without stuff and without distraction, but with oneself and the divine.

What can you do away with that will help you reconnect with yourself and your spirit?

The Sun and Neptune for their annual conjunction Monday 29th February at 9 degrees of Pisces.

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