Storms + Pisces and the South Node

In the very wee hours, here in Brisbane, we enjoyed another spectacular storm. Personally, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort in my life to not only take notice of the signs and symbols around me, but also to take on board the meaning.

The storm woke me at 2:30am, no doubt, half of the city too. So, I looked at my phone to notice that the Moon in Pisces was on fast approach to the South Node.
The South Node of the Moon is about endings, release and letting go. While this will continue to be a monthly event until the Nodes change signs in May 2017, you may feel more tapped into the feelings you experienced back in November 2015, when the South Node first entered Pisces.

Your motivation and energy may be a little lower now. The energy of Pisces encourages a go-with-the-flow attitude. Chipping away at essential tasks only may be the best way forward today.

As a water sign, Pisces taps into the deepest feelings of your soul. Perhaps this is one of the reasons a long shower can be cleansing and rejuvenating for the spirit. Just like the sky opened her emotions overnight, cleansing and washing away the dirt, the dust and stagnant energies.

Pisces is also about feeling. Go a little slower today where you can and tap into the feeling of what may need to be left behind. Creative and psychic energies are also highlighted.

“Pisces” Artwork by Intuitive Artist Michelle Smith

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