Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – Facing the Reality of Choice

In the dark we’re all the same
We only seem alone
There’s a place that we all must hide,
There’s a place that we lock from the inside
….Give me a sign
Give me your hand
I’ll take you home

Threadbare – Stone Sour

Over the last several weeks, I faced a series of situations that really challenged me. If I’m to be brutally honest, none of the them came as a surprise. One of these occasions, I took a deep breath and gave myself a pep talk. I allowed the cool, calm and collected logical side of my brain to manage my emotions so I could focus on the bigger picture of what was going on. Despite my best attempts on the other occasions, all I could do was cry my eyes out.

As I processed what was going on and sat with my feelings, I came to a very confronting conclusion. I was facing the reality of my choices. Some of those choices were made years ago, while others just in recent months. I knew that I’d have to deal with these situations eventually. I took the ‘she’ll be right,’ approach which is Australian, for ‘don’t worry about it’ or, ‘everything will be ok.’ I knew my pigeons would eventually come home to roost, just not all at the same time.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never had a great relationship with Saturn, and I still don’t. Like Saturn himself, it gets better with time.
Saturn likes planning and preparing for the future, something I’m not great at. Sheesh, I’ve got Jupiter rising, so for the most part, I just ‘wing it’ at life and things generally work out pretty well.

This weekend sees the first eclipse in the new cycle of eclipses we’ll witness over the next 18 months. A solar eclipse in Capricorn will bring an amplification of Saturn themes in your own life. Concepts of responsibility, preparing for the future, hard work, boundaries, fear, limitations, denial and personal mastery will all be signature themes.

One concept that Saturn doesn’t revel is the sometimes overwhelming, confusing and strange thing us humans call emotions. Despite our best attempts at planning for all possible scenarios and outcomes. Despite how hard we work. Despite the enormity of some of the choices you might be faced with, often, it’s not until reality smacks us in the face, we know how it will feel.

Back on November 6, the lunar nodes shifted from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. The South Node, also known as Ketu, joined Saturn and Pluto, all in the sign of the mountain goat. While there is a lot of astrological focus on Capricorn right now, there is also the other end of the spectrum. The North Node in Cancer. In the challenges that lie ahead, comfort can be found in the primordial and nutritive waters of Cancer.

As this eclipse forms an applying conjunction with Pluto, themes of control, power or manipulation may also come up to the surface. Whether you’re at the hands of this type of behaviour or it’s your own need for control that’s getting in the way, this eclipse may demand a confrontation. Pluto points to what is decaying and dying. It can highlight themes of empowerment, only after the painful realisation that you gave your power away. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and has been activating a particular area of your birth chart since then.

While this is a new moon eclipse, it forms near the lunar South Node. It’s not so much about new beginnings, but first contemplating your relationship with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The South Node in Capricorn can assist in letting go of over attachment to ambition and return to being more nurturing and protective. How is your relationship with your current responsibilities and ambitions? Where you have set the bar of expectations for yourself and others? Is it too high, is it too low? What habitual patterns that generate fear, denial or materialistic goals at the expense of your soul do you need to release? What walls have you built for emotional protection that have now become your fortress?

With Mercury newly ingressed into Capricorn at the time of the eclipse, you may grow increasingly curious about the Capricorn ruled area of your life. Apart from a brief reverse back into Scorpio at the beginning of December, Mercury has been in Sagittarius since the start of November. Now in Capricorn, Mercury may prompt questions about some of your own recent choices.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – 15 degrees
January 6
Brisbane: 11:28am
New Zealand: 2:28pm
London: 1:28am
January 5
New York: 8:28pm

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