Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

While I don’t expect this eclipse to be quite as dramatic as the recent total lunar eclipse, it will still bring turning points and complexity.

One of the interesting themes about this eclipse is that it occurs in exact opposition to last years total solar eclipse in Leo- the one that shadowed a large portion of the United States. That eclipse was a North Node eclipse, however this weeks on occurs on the South Node.

The openings or potential opportunities that presented themselves back in August last year may have come to fruition or fizzled out to nothing. This week’s eclipse invites you to surrender or let it go.

A good friend of mine, who happens to be an Aquarian posted the quote on her social medias ‘the definition of insanity is doing something over again and expecting a different result.’

Aquarius, the sign of this eclipse is a fixed air sign. It can be rigid to change its thoughts, principles or ideals. Is there a possibility, idea or concept that you’re willing to let go of? Is the idea of something better than the reality?

As always, look to your own chart and find the house that holds the sign of Aquarius. This will show you the area of life this eclipse is impacting.

Thinking planet Mercury joins this eclipse suggesting that new ideas or insights could blossom. Networking, communication, a piece of information or a profound conversation may hold the key to shifting your perspectives. New ideas around what to keep and what to let go of is a big theme of this eclipse.

Sweet Venus in Pisces makes a supportive sextile link with stabilising Saturn, the eclipse ruler. Negotiations, agreements or promises made show potential to be long lasting. Venus in Pisces often sees the romantic ideals in a situation and glosses over the realities. Saturn in Capricorn however, is all about what’s real, tangible and practical. These seemingly conflicting ideas can be managed, but it will take some effort. Togetherness, stability and support is possible, just be aware that you may be bound to your promise or decisions.

While New Moon’s offer a clean slate to build new intentions and manifestations from, action planet Mars’ vision is blocked or foggy from Neptune’s confusing influence. Taking immediate action isn’t supported now. Instead, let your intuition or instincts guide you and wait until the Moon has a little more light and Neptune’s’ influence subsides. The Moon will be in Taurus on the 21st and clear of the eclipse, offering you the cosmic green light.

This is the final eclipse of the season, the next will be on July 13 and will bring insights into the eclipses of next year.

SOUTH NODE SOLAR ECLIPSE 28 degrees Aquarius

February 16
Brisbane: 7:05am
New Zealand: 10:05am
February 15
New York: 4:05pm
London: 9:05pm

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