Slowing Down- Mercury in Taurus

I’m not sure about you, but I think it’s safe to breathe a sigh of relief and slow the pace down a bit. As you probably know, I write monthly horoscopes for free on this website. Last night I realised, whoa, we’re halfway through the month already and I better post a quick invitation to re-check in with the month so far. Where did the first half of May go?

Yesterday evening, Mercury left the frantic terrain of Aries and the long-held conjunction with electric Uranus. While May generally is a go-slow vibe as the Sun tours Taurus, the Mercury/Uranus aspect kept things super charged and super busy!

With Mercury now in Taurus and no longer linking to Uranus, all things to do with communication and logistics can slow down a bit. Instead of having several projects on the go at once, focusing on one issue at a time will become easier.
Thoughts, thinking and communication may become more reflective and contemplative especially over the next few days as Mercury re-traces the steps he took during the first week of April.

Mercury won’t spend long in the bovine sign. After his recent retrograde, he’s back to his swift pace and will be again rising as a bright morning star.

The combination of Mercury, the natural ruler of money, in Taurus, one of the most materialistic and security driven signs of the zodiac, can be an expensive time. Until June 7, be prepared to have to fork out cash for unexpected costs. The upside too is that you may make a little extra to balance it out.

While in Taurus, Mercury will make the following major aspects:

May 28/29 Mercury sextile Neptune

Inspiration may be high now as Mercury links with dreamy Neptune. This is an ideal time to write or engage in creativity. Neptune is known to blur the boundaries between the real and the ideal. If you’re trying to save money, then it may be best to avoid shopping both online and in real life.

June 1 Mercury trine Pluto

As Mercury aligns with powerful Pluto in the sky, thoughts and words can become intense. Long overdue conversations about security and finances can be had now. Getting to the bottom of the matter regarding loans, debts or savings and being honest about where you stand is encouraged.

June 5 Mercury conjunct Algol

Known as one of the Royal Stars, Algol is one of the more challenging or difficult fixed stars, known to bring less fortunate circumstances. Algol is associated with ‘losing one’s head’ and when joined with Mercury, today may be more worrisome or stressful than usual. Writing down your thoughts and worries (Mercury) can be beneficial in reducing stress. Taking care of your body (Taurus) through connecting with nature, or indulging in bodywork like a massage or a manicure can help melt worries away.

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