Silver Circle- Full Moon in Virgo

I’ve spending a lot of time thinking (ummm hello Virgo) about tonight’s Full Moon. Although this lunation falls in the sign of fair maiden, where the North Node is located, technically it’s not an eclipse as the Sun and Moon are more than 18 degrees from the Nodes.

This lunation bookends events that began back in November 2015 when the Nodes first entered Virgo and Pisces. The Nodes are not set to transition into their next pair of signs, Leo and Aquarius until May, but this is the last lunation we’ll see in Pisces and Virgo alongside the Nodes until January 2025.

Analysis is one of the attributes most strongly associated with the sign of Virgo. Under this lunar light, you’ll be drawn to critical thinking in the area of your life governed by the sign of Virgo, and her opposite sign of Pisces. The cosmos is asking you to do one last de-clutter or streamline. Where can you tighten the reigns, and do more with less? Where can you apply critical thinking that is generated from your own intuition or inspired imagination?

There is also a ‘cosmic report card’ feel to this Full Moon as serious Saturn links with both luminaries. How does life feel for you now? Does it feel heavy or serious, like an anchor is weighing you down? Perhaps you’re feeling accomplished and enjoying the rewards of the wise choices and hard work you’ve done over the last year or so. Analyse what’s gone well and what hasn’t worked as well as you hoped, and make adjustments accordingly.

Full Moon ruler, Mercury in Pisces is not known for thorough analysis or for his ability to be discerning, unlike his placement in Virgo where he enjoys both rulership an exaltation. To boot, Mercury is also combust the Sun in the sky now, therefore rendering him invisible.

What a combust Mercury in Pisces does bring to this lunation however, is inspired imagination and a strong psychic ability to feel your way through situations as opposed to over-thinking. Embracing your own imagination and intuitive ability will be your best way forward. Deep insights can be gained under tonight’s big silver circle. The feelings that bubble up to the surface will be your key to what you may need to organise, prioritise, systemise or purify.

Here is a list of zodiac signs and the topics this Full Moon will illuminate in your solar horoscope. If you know your ascendant, read that sign too!

Aries and Libra – the spiritual and the mundane. Health, wellness and illness
Taurus and Scorpio– fun, joy, romance and joy. The good the universe provides you
Gemini and Sagittarius– your home life and career
Cancer and Capricorn– your learning, travel and adventure areas
Leo and Aquarius– what you own and owe and everything to do with you cash
Virgo and Pisces– you and your most significant other

Virgo Full Moon 22 Degrees
13 March
Brisbane 0:54am
Sydney 1:54am
New Zealand 3:54am
12 March
Singapore 10:54pm
London 2:53pm
New York 10:53am

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