Seasons Greetings Under the Full Moon

On the most family orientated day of the year, the Moon reaches her fullest point in the most family focused sign of the zodiac- Cancer.

The Cancer Moon is about home, family, the past and belonging. Traditions involving family and friends is the focal point this year. A little less about presents but a lot more about comfort, closeness and spending quality time with those who love and nurture you.

Uranus will also change direction promising progress and change. You may break away from old traditions and initiate new ones, creating a holiday vibe that truly reflects what feels most authentic for you.

This Cancer Full Moon also falls within the terms of Mars. The combination of a super sensitive Moon, feisty Mars’ influence as well as explosive Uranus could leave emotions running high. Add family and alcohol into the mix and a little flurry could turn into a storm!

As jolly Jupiter starts to cosy up to the North Node, practical and meaningful ways of giving take place of extravagance and over the top financial expense.

I hope you all have a very happy, safe and Merry Christmas, however you choose to celebrate xoxox

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