Saturn / South Node in Capricorn

The entanglement between these two celestial energies finally begin to move in opposing directions.
It’s been heavy and relentless. There may have been times throughout 2019 that felt insurmountable. Ghosts from the past may have come back to teach you a lesson you hadn’t quite yet fully learned.

It’s not exactly light and breezy right now, but it’s not as heavy as it was before. There is clarity. You can see what wasn’t clear before.

You now know what you need to do.

Those inklings inside. Those feelings you’ve been pushing down. The issues you’ve been in denial about. Deal with them. Confront the fear. The potential of failure.

“After every Winter, there’s a Spring time ahead” ~ Eddie Vedder.

One thing I’ve banged on a lot about this year with so much cosmic energy in Capricorn is C L A R I T Y.
Sometimes, this means seeing something you don’t want to see. Confronting what you thought you could avoid. Acknowledging a painful truth or admitting something that you’d been in denial about.

Capricorn has standards. If nothing else, these painful lessons may have helped you realise where you may have set the bar too low in a job, a relationship, or what you allowed yourself to be available for.

Know what you want. If something doesn’t align, practice saying, “I’m not available for that.”

Raise your bar. Get yourself out of the sellers market and into the buyers.
Know your standards and raise them.
Know your worth. Your value.
Know what you’re not prepared to negotiate on.

Demand the best.
Expect the best.
You are worth it.

Saturn finally edges off the South Node on September 29, just as the New Moon in Libra occurs.
Set the intention. Plant the seed.
The New Moon ruler, Venus, sextiles Jupiter, all things are possible when you know what you are available for, and what you’re not.

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