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One of the major planetary aspects of 2015 and 2016 is the square of Saturn and Neptune. The first taking place on the 26th November at 7 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Right now, Neptune is at a standstill preparing to move direct on the 19th after 5 months of retrograde motion. A planets’ energy is intenstified when it stations- Neptune now is offering an extra dose of vagueness, confusion and disillusionment but on the flipside, dreams are more intense, day dreaming is heightened and the propensity for creativity and compassion is highlighted.

Then just a week later on the 26th, Saturn catches up to Neptune making a square aspect at 7 degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn is solid, disciplined, rigid, clear cut and focused on building and maintaining long lasting structures. Neptune on the other hand is nebulous, adaptable, inspired, vague and is associated with the intangible and the unclear. At first glance, this seems like a very unworkable combination but quite the contrary.

Structured discipline without a vision is just activity. Vision and inspiration without structure is just a daydream or a wish. When Saturn and Neptune work together, what was stuck or immoveable becomes open and more inclined to adapt. Long held dreams (Neptune) can become real and tangible (Saturn).

Aspects of life that were limiting or restrictive can become more inspired or open to change.

When Saturn offers his influence to Neptune, he gives solidarity and form to what is difficult to grasp or contain. What was once just a fantasy or a wish can now become a real workable mechanism. Like putting water (Neptune) into an ice cube tray, the fluidity becomes contained and eventually solidifies (Saturn), the ice cube then becoming something tangible to grasp.

If you are the dependable, goal orientated, disciplined, pragmatic and hardworking Saturnian type, you may feel unravled under Neptunes touch. The desire to escape responsibility may feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve sacrificed a dream in the process.

One of the challenges of Saturn/Neptune is once the dream takes on a concrete form of its own and becomes real, was it as good as you imagined? Saturn’s cold and sombre reality check can really put a dampener on Neptunes ethereal fantasies. When the reality doesn’t live up to the dream there can be sadness, melancholy and disillusionment.

This aspect challenges you to take a long held idea or dream and bring it into reality. Once Neptune stations, the fog will decend. Confusion and lack of clarity will dominate from the 26th through to the 5th of December. There is no need to rush or make concrete decsions. When you are unsure of what you don’t know, then you don’t know. Loss of control is a natural part of the Neptune process.

Although the exact square only lasts a week, this is the first of a 10 month window. The first square will feel vague and unclear with an inner knowing that something needs to shift. The second square in June will feel like the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit and by August you’ll know which direction is right for you.

This aspect perfects again at 12 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces at 12 degrees on June 5-18 and August 30- September 21 and 10 degrees.
If you have planets or angles in your birth chart at 6-10 degress of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, the next 10 months will be particularly poignant for you.

Confusion and a lack of clarity will dominate if you have a birthday on the following dates:
25 February – 1 March
28 May – 1 June
30 August – 3 September
29 November – 3 December

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