Romance, Finance and Fire

Venus is now on approach to her meeting with Pluto. You may start to find your wants, cravings and desires increase and intensify.
Venus’ major significator is to unify and relate. She likes ease, pleasure and comfort, so does Libra, hence why Venus makes her home there. Venus is the ultimate people pleaser. Those conversations of early courtship when you are asked, “what do you want to do?” and you reply, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” is quintessentially Venus in Libra. This is a version of Venus I like to describe as Aries wearing a pink coat. You know exactly what you want to do, but are instead just playing nice and not rocking the boat.
Remove the pink coat and you have Aries, Libra’s opposing sign ruled by Mars. Mars also rules Scorpio, residing next to Libra.

So we are now in the depths of Venus in Scorpio where she has been since December 5. Less willing to play nice or keep the peace, Venus is simply not prepared to put up with fluff and bubble. She wants passion, sex, commitment and your soul. Truth, trust and honesty is such a big theme and if that is not on the table, Venus in Scorpio will not have the fortitude to continue in a situation that is not real, solid or all-consuming. She will fight for what she wants and is extremely reluctant to give up without putting up a solid defence. She also knows when to call it a day. As they say, you cannot flog a dead horse.

Enter Pluto.

It is bushfire season here in Australia. Each Summer fires blaze through, destroying all in its path taking no prisoners, leaving everything in its wake black, bare and barren. Come spring, new growth will emerge and the landscape will rejoice in a new shade of green. Pluto is astrologys’ bushfire.
Pluto is unavoidable as it is a natural part of the birth, death and rebirth cycle that both the farthest planet and bushfires represent. Pluto will throw you in the fire, so to speak, whether you are ready or not. The degree to which you get burned is decided by how much you are willing to embrace the truth and take the according action, or stay in denial and continue the same path.

Where in your life have you been convincing yourself you are happy? Where have you been going with the flow, peace at any cost, but growing less and less contented in that modus operandi?

Be honest and upfront about the status of your relationship. The little issues you were able to sweep under the carpet last month may be eating you alive inside now. Pluto encourages you to open up, speak out and work through it.

Venus and Pluto can highlight a financial conundrum, get real about what you own and owe. Are you spending in secret? Do you have a slush fund that your partner does not know about? Conversely, you might need to be honest about the money you earn and if that is really enough to satisfy your wants. Romantically or financially, Venus in Scorpio demands her value.

This current aspect is a supportive sextile (60 degrees or two signs apart), in other words, this is your cosmic heads up to clean out your relationship or financial roof gutters, chop back excess canopy around your home, remove flammable materials and engage in other bushfire prevention protocols.

A sextile is like a ‘nip it in the bud’ kind of aspect where you can deal with issues with greater ease and with the likelihood of an advantageous outcome.
By being honest and facing the truth around your personal Venus story now, you can greatly reduce the potential carnage when she meets Pluto again in February under less favourable conditions.

Are you facing and Venus/Pluto issues at the moment?

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