Rest, Retreat and Re-Fuel Under the Balsamic Moon

It’s divine timing that as 2016 draws to a close, we are now in the Balsamic or Dark Moon phase. The last New Moon, which occurred on November 30, fresh seeds were planted in the area governed by the sign of Sagittarius, which holds rule over an area of your life.

This moon phase about reflection, closure and completion in respect to that energy or area. The Balsamic Moon also calls for rest, retreat and contemplation. You may have to attend to unfinished business or tie up loose ends, especially in regard to the needs of your soul.

As the Moon moves closer toward the Sun prior to her monthly re-charge, she becomes like a car running low on fuel. You may have to drive more gently and only go where is absolutely necessary. You too may feel a little low on fuel, now that we’ve reached the other side of Christmas and all that it entails. Your vitality and energy may also be waning, as your soul craves too, craves refuelling.

Where possible, take a long bath, a soak in the ocean, devour a book, or watch a movie. You may also need to clear away any clutter or build up off stuff from the last month.

For me, I’ve managed to have a few child free days to catch up on admin and prepare for a super busy January with astrology. This is the first time I’ve been alone since I moved into my new house, so this retreat time feels wonderful. I also just got off the phone from a 2- hour conversation from a dear friend, who provided valuable insight and guidance- something we all benefit from, especially at this time of year.

You too may benefit from some time alone until the New Moon. Invitations to New Year’s Eve celebrations may seem like too much effort right now. If possible, put off confirmations until after the New Moon, which occurs at 4:53pm on the 29th, Brisbane time.

Below is a guide to where you may need to invest in some contemplative energy both today and tomorrow. If you know your ascendant or rising sign, read that one too!

Aries- 9th house of long trips, higher learning, philosophy and adventure
Taurus- 8th house of debts, investments and other people’s money, death
Gemini- 7th house of relationships
Cancer- 6th house of health, sickness and mundane routine aka ‘the job’
Leo- 5th house of fun, romance, sex, children and creative self- expression
Virgo- 4th house of home, family, domestic life and ancestory
Libra- 3rd house of siblings, short journeys, short courses and communications.
Scorpio- 2nd house of money, cash flow and incoming money.
Sagittarius- 1st house of everything about you!
Capricorn- 12th house of dreams, psychic energy, secret enemies and self- undoing
Aquarius- 11th house of good fortune and luck, friends and networks
Pisces- 10th house of career, public image and reputation

I still have some available bookings for January. If you’d like to see what 2017 promises for you, you can arrange an appointment here.

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