Release and Letting Go- Venus and the last of the eclipse season

Today sees Venus reach 18 degrees which was the degree of the Solar Eclipse back on March 9. You may experience a re-visit of issues, especially regarding themes of release, letting go and then finally, new beginnings.

Venus was the ruler of the Lunar Eclipse that occurred last week (the 23rd) and as the eclipse season draws to a close over the next couple of days, she will pass the South Node. When a planet connects with the the South Node, it tends to drain energy from it, helping you to realise what may need to be released. Familiar, yet limiting behaviours or beliefs surrounding relationships, financial matters, self esteem and/or value may need to be done away with now. The Venus South Node conjunction may assist you in releasing unrealistic dreams, illusions, unhealthy boundaries, playing the victim, denial or deception with yourself or others, or being too forgiving.

The me (Aries) vs. we (Libra) paradigm as demonstrated by the lunar eclipse may be a key theme now as you strive for balance with your own desires alongside the wants of others. The next few days you may also come to realise that letting go of not only what, but whom, may be what this eclipse season has been all about.

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