This consultation is designed to explore the themes of both you and your partner’s birth charts. 

You’ll learn about your compatibility and the ability each of your have to meet each other’s needs. We’ll discover your similarities as well as your differences.

Couple’s often come together through karmic connections, that feeling you’ve known each other before, or were destined to be together. We’ll explore these cosmic threads that intertwine you.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which you’re connected to each other, as well as the ways disconnection can occur. 

The symbolism of both of your charts will reveal the forces and motivations that drive your relationship and each individual within it. If you’re married, we’ll also look at the marriage chart.

We’ll also look at the upcoming astrological cycles and how they may affect your relationship.

This consultation is for those who are currently coupled who want to work together, to gain insight and clarity about the dynamics of their relationship. If you’re wanting to understand your own relationship patterns orpossibilities, then I recommend the Annual Update 

If you’ve got a questions such as “will we get back together” then a Horary Question is your best option.


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