Reframing Jupiter in Capricorn

In addition, into deciphering the stars and how they may influence and inform your lived experience, offering handy tips and useful resources is a big part of my practice. I’ll often refer clients, students and mentees to various books and social media accounts relative to their needs, goals or desires.

Here are a few of my favourites!

Money and money mindset.

Abundance is a birthright. No one was put on this planet to work, pay bills and die. Unfortunately, many people default into this pattern.
What if there was another way? What if you could choose to believe differently? What if you could heal your relationship with money? What if you could look at money from a fresh perspective?

Jupiter in Capricorn doesn’t have to mean a scarcity attitude. Cutting back on a $5 latte in order to save money sounds like a thief of joy to me! Misery and miserly are obviously etymologically similar for a reason.
Perhaps the gift of a fallen Jupiter is the opportunity to reframe your beliefs around the old concepts and traditions about what it means to earn, spend and save.

Here are a few people that may assist you in looking at your relationship with money and overall abundance differently.

Ramit Sethi

I really enjoy Ramit’s work. So much so, that I wrote a blog post about his birth chart several months back. His Mercury / Venus aspect gives him a really likeable approach as he explores topics like the psychology of money, navigating money in relationships, travel, investing and more.
He’s got loads of information for entrepreneurs as well as those seeking raises or promotions at work or a new career path.
His book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” really changed the way I approached my personal finances. That reminds me, I must get my copy back from my accountant!

Amanda Frances

With Instagram stories littered with Chanel and champagne, at first glance, you might get put off by Amanda. Personally, I love the way she works that Leo Moon of hers!
Once you scrape the surface, Amanda combines metaphysical principles, psychology and spirituality to financially empower women.
If you’re stuck in a money rut, she’s a massive dose of Regulus that uplifts and inspires. She’s a real-life example of what you can create when you believe you can!

Business / Self-Development and Spirituality

It’s been wonderful to observe so many astrologers begin their own practice and spread their wings in life in a field that is unique and joyful as astrology is. Many people ask me how I ‘made it’ as an astrologer. What do you do to get clients? How do you get to speak at a conference? How do you get writing contracts? (I could go into the energy of the word ‘get’ but that would send me off on a tangent).
The more these questions were asked of me, the more it made me think about the REAL answers people were seeking.
Not one person has ever asked me, “How do you think, Cass?” or, “What do you feel?”

I realise I have a Pisces MC and all, but I really do believe your thoughts and feelings really determine your results.
If you really wanted to boil it down to one thing though, my answer would be, YOU HAVE TO DECIDE.
When I decided to go pro at this astrology thing there was no social media, except for MySpace and I wasn’t on that. Figuring out how to build a website on YouTube wasn’t an option, because YouTube didn’t exist, so you had to hire a professional.
Back then, you couldn’t moonlight on social or ‘build your brand’ while you kept your full time job until you were ‘ready’ to go pro.
I remember making the announcement, “I’d rather shovel shit at the zoo than not do this.” Then I took myself down to the local tattoo parlour (Pluto in Libra generation didn’t get tatts back then) and got some glyphs on my spine.
So yeah, decision made.

Over the years, I’ve had several mentors that helped me grow in life and business, which in turn helped me to actually make an astrology business work for me. One thing I have learned is, that the more you work on YOU, your happiness, your joy and your growth, your business grows and expands as a natural by-product.

If I found myself in a go-nowhere or an energetically draining relationship, it reflected in my business. If I lost focus on being in the vibe of already having what I desired, self-doubt would sink in. Thoughts would cross my mind, “it’s never going to happen”, “I’m a failure”, “nothing ever works for me”.
As these types of scripts would play through my head, naturally, whatever I was attempting to build or create either in my business or in my life would be infused with this negative energy. Trying to create a life that aligned with my deepest desires can’t be laced with doubt or dodgy vibes.

If I was hanging around people who didn’t nourish my soul or they were simply meandering through life, then it reflected in my business and in my overall life direction. Dale Carnegie was right, the 5 people you spend the most time with will directly be impacting your life direction.

If I got into a funk of feeling sorry for myself, I’d begin to lose sight of what I truly wanted. Throwing my hands in the air, I might reach for a bottle of wine instead of the barbell.

These sort of things, while directly unrelated to business from a logical standpoint, actually had everything to do with it.

If you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but the needle in your life isn’t moving, perhaps embracing your own inner Pisces (‘tis the season after all) can help you connect to the intangible.

Now that Venus is in Taurus and in her best condition for 2020, it might be a good time to remind yourself you can choose to feel good. Keep things simple and align yourself with what brings joy and pleasure. Coming from a place of feeling good makes the hard stuff so much easier.

Authenticity / Healing / Spirituality

Here is a list of a few people that may help arm you with a few tools when blocks rise up to meet you;

Gabby Bernstein

As far as Gabby is concerned, I’m very late to the party. I came across her work only about 6 months ago. I bought her “Super Attractor” book and devoured every word.
This book would have been mind-blowing for me about 20 years ago. It’s entry level stuff and at times, even a bit cheesy. However, it came to me at the right time and I trusted in that. It was a great refresher on some core principles on manifesting and elevating your vibe.

The Holistic Psychologist

I mean, who’s not following Dr Nicole these days? If you’re on Instagram, this is a must-follow account! Her self-healers’ movement is truly changing the approach to psychology, healing and wholeness.
Follow her. You’ll thank me later!

Katrina Ruth

Again, someone else who on face value may not initially impress you. She does have a way of kicking butts and getting you to show up fully as you are in life and in business.

Dr Daniel Foor

Amazing work around healing ancestral trauma and connecting to the power and support of your ancestors.
Powerful. Transformative.

Health & Fitness

Dr Layne Norton

I’ve been following Layne since about 2009. Being a Sagittarius, he’s totally passionate about educating people about sustainable fat loss. No bullshit. No gimmicks.

Holly Baxter

Fellow Aussie who now resides in the USA. As a dietician, she creates amazing recipe e-books that are nutritious and ideal for those who want low calorie alternatives. Layne is her husband and they are a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration in fitness and business.

Alan Thrall

His YouTube videos about powerlifting and strongman are hilarious and educational. If you’re looking to improve strength of body and of mind, I’ve learned tonnes from his channel. His taste in music also gets my seal of approval!

Throughout 2020, Jupiter and Pluto will form three conjunctions in Capricorn.
April 5
June 30
November 13

These influences may prompt you dig deep (Pluto) and question what your current beliefs (Jupiter) are. This signature can help you mine resources you never even knew you had. It might be wealth on the practical level (Capricorn) or you could unearth the resources within you via the guidance of mentors and other people who inspire you.
Allow yourself to be guided, it’s there you may find a hidden opportunity you might otherwise overlook.

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