Reaching For The Stars- Sun Opposite Jupiter

On April 8th, the two kings of the cosmos, face off with each other. Jupiter in Libra will oppose the Sun in Aries.
Jupiter spends approximately 12 months in a sign and since September 2016 until October 2017 he’s visiting the sign of Libra. During his passage through the sign of the scales, Jupiter will make a number of links, known as aspects with other planets. These aspects, for the length of their duration, can temper, tone or modify Jupiter’s exuberant personality.

His opposition with the Sun hallmarks the halfway point through his cycle. By now, you’ll have a better feel for the messages, wisdom and teachings Jupiter offers the area of your birth chart ruled by Libra. If you’re not sure, then you might like this post.

As we’re about to dive into the weekend, I invite you to pause and consider what the jolly planet is trying to teach you.

As big and bright planets, both the Sun and Jupiter speak of opportunity. In their own way, they radiate an essence that brings light and growth to a situation.

As Jupiter moves to position himself in a direction opposition to the Sun, you may consider where you are stretching yourself, where you’re overdoing things or where perhaps, you’re giving too much.

As human beings, we all want to grow and expand in some way. Be that our bank accounts, a bigger house or bigger muscles in the gym, or perhaps you’d like to grow emotionally. At some level, we all wish to have more, be more and give more. But, now much is too much? In order to grow, we do need to stretch ourselves, but how much do we give before we break, or the resources run dry?

The word expansion is a one of the most fundamental phrases associated with Jupiter. You may have read “Jupiter expands what he touches.”

As Jupiter and the Sun join forces, you’re being encourage to expand and shine your light. In order to access opportunity or reach your potential, you need to stretch yourself but at the same time, being mindful of where your limits are.

Jupiter can help you envision possibility, abundance and opportunity. The Sun inspires the confidence and belief in yourself to go out and make that vision a reality. If there is something you can dream, hope or wish for you can go ahead and get it with courage and an unshakeable self-belief.

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