Profections- Birthdays and Changes in Direction

Originally posted back in 2016- updated for 2018.

I’m on the eve of my 41st birthday.

Ever since I was a kid, before I know much else about astrology except that I’m a Cancer, I always looked forward to what I described as the ‘personal New Year.’

I never have much liked the month of May, it always felt a bit like Winter before the Spring-like feel of a birthday and a fresh start.

What I also didn’t know back then was that I was tapping into the effects of Annual Profections, an ancient timing tool that shifts gear each time you have a birthday. You can find out how to work out yours in the section below.

Reflections on a Wonderful Year

Last year on my 40th birthday, I entered a 5th house year, which is the same for everyone but each of us will have a different planetary ruler. The sign that rules my 5th house is Libra, so it put Venus as the ‘lord’ or ruler of my year. I have Venus in her ruling sign of Taurus in my chart and on my last solar return, Venus was again in Taurus. All positive symbolism for a great year!
The 5th house contains Pluto, the Moon (my sect light) and the North Node.

Overall, the last 12 months have been a positive and transformative year. While I’ve lost my mojo a bit so far in 2018, I got back into solid powerlifting training (something I did many years ago) in the first half of this profection. The 5th house rules gyms, sports and recreational activity.

As my son also grew another year older, the dynamics between us changed and I needed to devote myself and my time to him in new and different ways.

The big event of this year was speaking at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in Chicago last month. While this technically speaking was a business trip, I made so many new friends and solidified existing bonds that were already formed online. With the lunar influence of this profected year, I truly found my clan.

Looking Ahead

This year looks a little different.

I shift from one of the more fortunate houses of the birth chart to one of the less fortunate. In addition to that, I move from Venus to Mars, or, in astrology speak from benefic to malefic.

Fortunately, I’m born at night which can mitigate some of the less desirable qualities of Mars. Mars also makes an applying conjunction to fortunate Venus and together, form an overcoming square to Saturn. As Mars is applying to Venus, he picks up some of her light and therefore her support.

On the Solar Return, Mars stations retrograde. A planet stationing always suggests an intensification of whatever that planet signifies.

Stationing in the 9th house, I expect themes to do with travel, teaching and publishing will be highlighted. Also, the 9th pertains to foreign interests, so I expect that the connections established during the Venus profection will continue to develop, albeit with some intensity and/or delay due to Mars’ station.

The 6th house is known for hard work, where the traditional texts describe it as slavery. I do suspect that it will be a very busy 12 months and I do look forward to that!

More on that next year!

If you’re curious about exploring annual profections further, you can sign up for FREE and attend the Fresh Voices in Astrology online summit hosted by Astrology University next month.

You can easily work out your own profected year.
There are twelve houses in the birth chart and each one represents a year of life. Beginning at your 1st house at age 0, go around to each house around the chart until you’re back at the 1st house at age 12. So when you are 12, 24, 36, 48 etc you will have 1st house year. When you are 13, 25 , 37, 49 etc you will have a 2nd house year and so on. The pattern repeats in multiples of 12.
Everyone experiences a 4th house year at ages 3, 15 and 27, 39, 51, 63. As I’ll be turning 39, my 4th house is ‘turned on’ for the next 12 months. Some themes will re-occur for each year a house is activated, but wisdom, experience and astrological triggers will modify the outcomes.

Not only will the house topics be an influence in any given profected year, so will the traditional sign ruler on the house cusp. The ruling planet of the house cusp becomes the “Time Lord” of that year. The Time Lord becomes a guiding influence that will establish major themes for the year of which it’s the boss!
If your profected house year is ruled by Scorpio, it will be a Mars, not Pluto, year. Aquarius will become a Saturn year, not Uranus, and Pisces will be a Jupiter, rather than a Neptune year.
As the signs on the house cusps will vary from person to person, this is what will individualise each profection for you.

If your profected year brings you to the 10th house, your career will be an over arching theme for that year. This will be the case at ages 21, 33, 45, 57, 69 and so on.
If Jupiter is the sign ruler, (ie, Sagittarius or Pisces on the 10th house cusp) you may experience growth, abundance, travel as well as general good fortune. This isn’t to say you won’t have your brief periods of quiet or contraction, or other life factors such as relationships be a part of that year, but the wide ranging qualities of Jupiter will permeate the period.

Are there planets in your profected house?

This will be the next step in working out the tone of your year. If your age is 25, 37, 49 or 61, you are in a second house profection. However, the sign on the cusp coupled with any planets that may reside there will demonstrate the themes for that year. A way of conceptualising this is the Time Lord of the house is the manager, and any planets the house become the assistant manager/s.

Is Mars your 2nd house Time Lord? You may be need to be assertive in developing value in your actions. However, if Mercury resides there, it’s still financial terrain (2nd house) but with a mercurial influence. Dual sources of income may be a theme when your 2nd house is activated.

As profections highlight or trigger an area of your life via the houses from year to year, you’re offered the chance to dive in and work on or develop the themes describing that house.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that last 12 months and very much looking forward to a busy year ahead, as is indicated by an angular house profection. Other dynamic profections include the 1st, 7th and 10th houses.

One of the most popular times for clients to book in with me is around the time of their birthday. Simple profections are really useful for describing the overtone of any given year from birthday to birthday and is one of the tools I use in my consultations.

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Good Luck x

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