Uncovering the 12th House

In many cases, the 12th house and any planets that reside there are source of angst, worry and mystery combined.


By uncovering some of the potential problems and possibilities the 12th house suggests, you’ll explore ways to integrate a part of your life that may otherwise be hard to grasp.

While considered one of the less favourable houses in the birth chart, there are plenty of situations where 12th house planets provide a gateway in which it, as well as other house topics may materialise.


We’ll explore how planets in this shadowy part of the birth chart operate, helping you to interpret these configurations in your own life, as well as for others.

This webinar will assist you in pulling back the curtain on the 12th house and becoming more acquainted with this proverbial blind spot.

Length: 2 hours
Format: Video | Audio | Handouts
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.



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