The Nodes – a contemporary perspective

The Nodes – a contemporary perspective


The Nodes of the Moon are a source of fascination throughout most of the astrological tradition. In short, the North and South Nodes speak to the idea of increase or decrease in your birth chart. You’ll have an area of life where you’ll easily overdo things as well as where it can be difficult to hold on to that which has been created.

Due to being invisible, the concept of the Nodes can be tricky to define and pinpoint. If you have a planet conjunct a Node or an angle, you’ll relate to the idea of the Nodes in a profound way as the planet and the area of life it rules becomes intensified and obvious.

In this webinar, we’ll explore myths related to the sky serpent and you’ll learn practical take-aways for each of the traditional seven planets when they are conjunct either Node.

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the Nodes and what it means to have a Nodal chart.

Saturday, July 22
10am AEST
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$25 before July 20, $30 thereafter

All files will be available even if you can’t attend the live webinar

This webinar geared toward natal charts and doesn’t factor in aspects to the Nodes or the Nodes by transit.



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