The Business of Astrology

So, you’re ready to transition from a budding astrologer to gaining clients, generating income and
establishing a thriving practice that supports, sustains and affirms you?


It’s an exciting and life-changing step!

Despite popular belief, adding “astrologer” to your social media handles won’t have clients whipping
out their credit cards to gain your planetary intel, insight and wisdom.

I launched my first astrology website in 2006. I’ve been fortunate enough to build a business as the
bridge between analogue and digital life was in its infancy. There was no Facebook, YouTube or any
of the emerging platforms gaining popularity now. I built my practice brick by brick, so to speak,
using a combination of online and old school ideas. I tried a lot of things. Some worked and some

One of the most common questions I get asked from astrologers who want to go pro is “what should
I do?”

That is question is both wrong and right.

While, yes there are plenty of practical components that need to be put in place, the most important
question that nobody asks is “how do you think?”

Being at the helm of your own life, the creator of your own reality is a total paradigm shift about
who you are, what you get to have, how you live your life and how you show up in the world. It’s a
new level of responsibility, opportunity, excitement and empowerment.

On a regular basis, I have clients and students wanting tips, insights and hacks into how to create a
business and a life they love with astrology.

In this 1-day workshop I’ll share with you both the practical and energetic shifts that will help
catapult you into the life you feel called to create.

Please note, this isn’t a workshop covering astrological technique. It’s business coaching workshop
for astrologers.

The Morning Session

The Energetic

Reframing Beliefs
Tapping into desire
Creating the life you want

The Afternoon Session

The Roadmap

Website and social media
Evergreen content
Passive income
Buying back time
How to begin scaling your business

You’ll receive additional resources including journal prompts, lists and guides for future reference.

The Details:
Thursday August 12
10am – 4pm AEST
Convert to your time zone
Cost: 150AUD (110USD approx.)
*This workshop is recorded and sent out to all those who register shortly after.

This workshop is for you if you’re a new or emerging astrologer or, if you’re about to embark on
developing your side hussle or ready to it to the next level. It’s also ideal if you already have a
practice but want to trade hard work for alignment, flow and ease.


The Business of Astrology


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