Saturn in Pisces

After 5 long years of holding dominion in his own sign, Saturn slips into the oceanic waters of Pisces on March 7.

Until February 15, 2026, Saturn in Pisces demands that you create something tangible from the abundant Jupiter in Pisces transit of 2021 and 2022.

It’s now time to manifest some magic!

Saturn in Jupiter’s domain brings a contradiction.
How do we hold boundaries in the boundryless?
How do we find discipline in flow?
Find the balance between limitations and abundance?
Order and chaos?
Reality and magic?

These are some of the ideas – and more – I’ll be covering in my upcoming webinar Saturn in Pisces; Limits and the Unlimited.

In our two hours together, we’ll also explore

Saturn and its co-presence with Neptune

Saturn and the North Node

Aspects with Saturn

Your Saturn return

Saturn through the 12 Houses

By the end of the webinar, you’ll be armed with guidance and insight to remain practically inspired during Saturn’s time in Pisces.
Webinar Details
Available for instant download
3 hours, included video and audio


Saturn in Pisces


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