Mercury Magic

In ancient astrology, great emphasis was placed on a planet being seen or unseen.

Even more so, its transition from becoming visible to invisible and vice versa was especially significant. This was a key feature in determining the strength and condition of a planet and whether it had the capacity to help or hinder you.

When it comes to tracking transits, you’ve probably heard of terms such as “under the beams” or “combust.” These conditions also apply to planets in your birth chart too, as a snapshot of a moving sky!

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the special condition known as “phasis,” which brings potency and importance to planetary meaning.

We’ll explore the phases of visibility and invisibility of Mercury and we’ll touch on Venus – which differ from Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

As you learn about Mercury’s unique relationship with the Sun, you’ll gain tips on how to interpret its changing levels of visibility. By the end of this webinar, you come away with fresh insights and new perspectives that will enrich your understanding of the changing faces of Mercury.

Webinar Details
Available for instant download
Video and audio files, 2 hours approx


Mercury Magic


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