Layering Techniques

I created this 4 week course to help astrologers combine and integrate the techniques you already know to improve your consultations and build your confidence.

Sometimes approaching a birth chart in preparation for a client consult can be overwhelming. There may be so much going on, while at other times, you’ll have may have to rely on tools you don’t always use.

Some common things that may run through your mind as you begin to delineate a chart might be;

–  Exciting, a 10th house profection
–  Oh no, the solar return doesn’t look too good for career
–  Their secondary progressed Sun is about to change sign
–  Umm, I wonder if their firdaria cycle tells us anything?
–   But what about this Uranus transit?

It can be tricky to find a way to weave all these threads together. Sometimes, people do get pulled in different directions in different phases of life, and the threads can’t be woven in way that fits nicely.

We’ll focus on how to layer profections, firdaria, solar returns, secondary progressions and lunar phases.

The purpose of this course is to help you figure all that out, demystify all the layers and reduce overwhelm.
I’ll offer you plenty of insights, tips and tricks I’ve figured out along the way in my 14 years of consulting with clients. 

Length: 4 video trainings
Format: Video | Handouts
Level: Intermediate

This is a pre-recorded training available for instant download.



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