Happiness and Success with Terms & Bounds

There are times when a client’s chart doesn’t always look particularly favourable when it comes to topics such as relationships, career and success.

As astrologers, we are often faced with having to look a little deeper to mine potential opportunities. The ancient, yet often overlooked Terms or Bounds is a level of dignity that is worth your while exploring, helping reveal nuanced and specific possibilities.

In ancient forms of astrology, the 12-fold division of the zodiac was divided again by another 5, giving a total of 60 combinations. These divisions, known as Terms or Bounds were important considerations prior to delineating houses and aspects.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a planet in poor condition can be offered a special type of immunity, becoming a source of happiness and success.

Length: 75 minutes
Format: Video | Handouts
Level: Intermediate

This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.



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