Firdaria – Timing with Planetary Time Lords

Likened to the Vedic Dasha system, the Firdaria assigns one or two planets to oversee a period of time in the native’s life. The first use of the Firdaria dates back to the Medieval period, but in the modern day, has gone largely overlooked.

Firdaria highlights important periods in a person’s life. It’s a simple technique that is determined by sect, aka, being born by day or night. You’ll learn how to personalise these periods in your own life and how they interplay with other techniques such as transits and progressions as well as natal aspects.

Firdaria is one tool I regularly use that helps me make predictions for my clients. By describing the nature of time they are entering as suggested by their firdaria cycle, we can explore the possibilities and problems over a given time period.

Length: 70 minutes
Format:  Audio | Handouts | Powerpoint slides
Level: Intermediate

This is a lecture recording from NORWAC 2019 available for instant download.



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