Exploring 2024

Explore the key astrological signatures of 2024’s skies with Cassandra’s annual forecast webinar.

In this informative and insightful presentation, you’ll learn about the important planetary events that will flavour the year.

We’ll cover the major Zodiac signs influenced as well as the most active degrees.

Some of the themes explored in the webinar will be;

Jupiter and Uranus – spotlights innovation, change and sudden growth and developments.

Pluto in Aquarius – a new era of transformation and evolution.

Eclipses in Aries and Libra, including a lunar eclipse in Pisces

Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces and the first critical aspect of a 20 year cycle.

Mars retrograde in Leo / Cancer aggravating themes of security and confidence.

We’ll also cover some of Venus and Jupiter’s sweet spots and Mercury’s mishaps too!

2024 is set to be a busy and fast paced year, especially in the second half.

Discover which of the 2024 influences will influence your birth chart the most and when. You’ll learn when the peak periods are for action and progress as well as when to take it easy or cultivate alternative desires.

This webinar is ideal for all levels of astrology knowledge. If you’re keen to plan and prepare for a productive and satisfying year or would like additional insight to help you prepare for clients or guide friends and family, then do sign up!

This download includes video, audio and power point presentation.




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