Exploring 2023 – A2 – Part Workshop

As we stare down the barrel of a New Year plus some very new astrological territory, I’d love to invite you to a two – part online workshop exploring 2023.

This two – part series will illuminate the pathway into 2023 leaving you feeling prepared and empowered!

In this workshop, we’ll explore the planetary pathways that will shape the year–
• Pluto in Aquarius
• Saturn in Pisces
• Jupiter in Taurus
• Nodes and eclipses in Taurus / Scorpio and Aries / Libra
• Mercury retrograde in Earth signs
• We’ll also examine Venus retrograde in Leo

These are the themes that outline the major plot lines for 2023.
As we explore these influences, you’ll be able to pin point the hot spot degrees that will affect your chart next year.

Once we’ve examined the lay of the land, in Part 2, you’ll discover your most potent planet for the year ahead, known as your annual profected planet. This is where the workshop becomes more personalised and you can apply the major plotlines of 2023 to your chart. You’ll come to learn which transits will be the most influential to you and which are not.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to welcome the New Year knowing the astro-weather as well as what you can personally expect from it!

Workshop Details
Available for instant download
Contains a 2 – part workshop recording, PDF of powerpoint and handouts


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