Everything Under the Sun – Cazimi Planets

Planets close to or near the Sun have their own kind of special power and problems.

Ancient astrologers give us three definitions that describe the condition of a planet within close range of the Sun – under the beams, combust and cazimi.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about these definitions as well as some of the ways planets close to the Sun show up – for better and for worse – in birth charts.

As a planet embarks upon these various phases within their synodic cycles, they go from periods of visibility, invisibility and then, returning to visibility. You might liken this to some of the themes associated with Pluto!

Together we’ll explore examples of how these planets show up via house topics as well as personality dynamics.

You’ll come away being able to spot the obscure or hidden planets in a birth chart as well as how to interpret them in your own or clients charts.

Webinar Details
Available for instant download
Video and audio – 2 hours, plus PDF of slides



Everything Under The Sun


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