Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights – The 8th House

In this webinar, we explore arguably the most dauting place of the horoscope – the 8th House!

Natal planets, transits and profection years that activate the 8th House can trigger a variety of life’s heavier topics.

Known as an idle, shadowy place, the 8th House represents the juxtaposition of the bright light of day, with lengthening shadows that welcome the dark.

Over the course of history, the 8th House has been associated with topics of death, loss and shared money. Morphing into the place of the subconscious mind, mental disturbances, hidden and taboo matter as well as the controversial topic of its rulership over sex.

Available for instant download, you’ll learn some of the history and myth associated about the 8th House. We’ll examine birth charts that underpin the importance of this House and how it can be easily overlooked and avoided. You’ll discover how to discuss these topics, helping you uncover both the deep shadows and brilliant highlights that make up such an important part of life!

Webinar Details
Available for instant download
Video and audio, 2 hours


8th House


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