Potential and Progress- Make Your Move!

After the drama of an eclipse-filled week, the skies bring two dynamic and positive aspects that can help you push ahead.

Mars conjunct the North Node 24 degrees of Leo

The fusion of Mars and the North Node generally happens just once every 2 years. Mars speaks of energy, action, drive and what can motivate you.

The North Node is a fated intersection of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth along the ecliptic. This Karmic point is associated with ambition. It can signify where you are ready to take a big bite out of life.

The conjunction can bring an intensification around where to invest your energy. In the fire sign of Leo, you’re being dared to follow your hearts’ desire.

Together, they offer confidence that can lead to taking a risk, especially if you’re after a ‘I want it all’ type experience or outcome.

Mars and the North Node combined is not a time to wait for the right moment, avoid confrontation, or wait for someone else to light your fire. You have to do it for yourself!

While the comfort zone is comfortable, nothing happens there. The cosmos is opening a portal of opportunity where your wants and desires are there for the taking, if you’re prepared to be courageous.

Mercury Cazimi in Virgo

While touring in reverse through Virgo, Mercury forms an inferior conjunction with the Sun. The elevated position of Mercury is two-fold. He is in his sign of exaltation and is nicely secured within the heart of the Sun.
I liken this position to being the King’s hand. If you watch Game of Thrones, you’ll understand how esteemed, yet fragile this can be.

In real life, this is a wonderful window of time to attend to mercurial matters such as logistics, communication and learning. It’s almost like the retrograde motion of Mercury, and the potential snafus it’s associated with are temporarily put on hold.

If you have an idea, pitch or proposal, this cazimi period is a fortunate time to make a move.

Unlike Leo, Virgo is a sign that functions best with less. The house that rules Virgo in your birth chart will be the ideal area to streamline, declutter and re-organise.

Mercury Cazimi 3 degrees Virgo- August 27

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