Planetary Weather

Week Beginning Monday 14 December

As the end of the week signifies the end of the working year for most of us, likewise, the planetary weather has wound down a notch also!

Sun square Jupiter – 22 degrees Sagittarius and Virgo

Monday and Tuesday will generate a warm and expansive energy thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter. The Sun represents the expression of light and Jupiter has the quality of expansion. This combination can lead to generosity, being of service or paying it forward- particularly as Jupiter is currently in Virgo, a sign of service. You may be required to go beyond the call of duty to help someone or you may be the recipient of a helping hand.

When these two planets connect you are being encouraged to spread your wings and try new things. Going beyond your comfort zone will lead to fresh perspectives, new adventures and ideas. This could be exceptionally beneficial for sewing seeds for 2016.

Jupiter can be a little over the top at times, but in Virgo, this is reigned in a fraction. This is good news for the budget as well as the waistline this month!

The nature of the square aspect will bring about some tension or a level of adjustment. You may have to compromise in some areas or reassess wants versus needs.

With Jupiters expansive quality, you may feel stretched to your limits this week. Finalising end of year projects at work, pre- Christmas catch ups and parties, beginning of school holidays or trying to do a million things, Monday and Tuesday will be go go go!

Venus sextile Pluto – 14 degrees Scorpio and Capricorn

When I was younger, my grandmother would offer her advice for marital happiness. She would say “Cassie,” (I hate being called that,) “Have I ever told you about the three T’s?” She would bring it up often, “No Nanna, what’s that?”
“Truth, trust and tolerance.” and then she’d go on offering me insights into the holy grail wedded bliss, according to her.
She was born under a Venus/Pluto aspect.

Trust, loyalty and truth will be themes in play come Thursday and Friday. Relationships, close friendships or partnerships will demand truth, trust, tolerance as well as loyalty.

The signs Scorpio and Capricorn are both no-nonsense and committed signs. No BS here. Intense yet practical.
Venus and Pluto are a much more internalised planetary combo than Sun/Jupiter. This supportive sextile will unravel your inner most sense of truth and trust within your closest relationships. Are you willing to be open and honest or are you going to hold some part of yourself back?
This aspect may bring up long overdue conversations about where you’re at with a certain someone.
Truth, trust and tolerance.

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