Planetary Weather- Week Beginning April 4

Tuesday brings the first major planetary aspect with the Sun linking to Saturn after he stationed retrograde last week.
As the Sun and Saturn meet under favourable circumstances, you might re-connect with some big picture visions that have fallen by the wayside, especially those that may have felt more important or urgent when the Sun and Saturn formed a conjunction on November 30 last year.
Under Saturn’s current influence, you may wish to work on re-prioritising your goals, responsibilities and obligations to allow yourself more freedom and flexibility.

Wednesday brings a sign change for both Mercury and Venus. Venus is the first cab off the rank with her ingress into Aries. After 4 salubrious weeks in her sign of exaltation, Venus will move into her sign of detriment and you may notice a shift in the Venusian expressions in your life until the months close. One of Venus’ key components is to unify, but under the influence of Mars, you may experience an increased need for independence or autonomy now. With Mars currently in Sagittarius, you may seek more freedom and movement than cosy and cuddly Venus is comfortable with. Any new plans regarding love and money initiated under the fiery touch of Aries may stall or experience delays once Mars stations retrograde on the 17th.

Mercury moves into Taurus within hours of Venus’ ingress into Aries. After the Moon, Mercury is the swiftest of our wandering stars, yet Taurus is a slow and reluctant sign. This transit is even slower than usual due to Mercury’s retrograde beginning on the 28th and will stay in Taurus for almost 10 weeks.
This pairing brings a sense of mental clarity, stability and retention due to the slowness of Taurus. This can assist with concentration and the withholding of new information in particular.
Money, comfort and physical security may be on the forefront of your mind over the next couple of months.

The Sun will make a confronting contact with power planet Pluto on Thursday. Your mojo maybe hindered by power-plays or manipulation, or, you may come to the realisation that at times, you can be your own worst enemy. Once you past this relatively shallow pothole in the road, it will be smooth travels.


The New Moon in Aries will bring an extra fresh dose of enthusiasm, impetus for change and new beginnings as this lunation occurs at Aries’ most auspicious degree at 18. Energy and exuberance will be hallmarks of this New Moon, where goal and intention setting will be powerful due anything feeling possible, but be wary of a tendency to overdo it or over-exaggerate what is practical or realistic.
This new lunar cycle begins at 9:23pm.

This week says sayonara with a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus which will feel like an extension of New Moon promises. Sunday will bring an increased desire for a change toward authenticity, freedom, independence and to express your own uniqueness will be heightened today. Who did you see yourself being before you got to a point in your life where rules and authority spoiled all the fun? Embrace that part of yourself again now.

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