Planetary Weather Week Beginning 25th January


Fresh from a Full Moon in Leo yesterday, the week begins with a spot of Mondayitis with only the Moon initiating planetary action to start the week.
She will make an early morning link to sombre Saturn, setting the tone for a bit of hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go. Under the dynamic fire element, you may feel a little more energetic or enthusiastic compared to a regular Monday morning, or that may be due to the Australia Day holiday on Tuesday!
By lunch time, the Moon will then link to Aries, the third leg of the fire trio. Be prepared for sudden surprises, change in plans or even just a general feel of excitement to the afternoon.


Mercury stations direct today, breathing a sigh of relief for some who may have found this retrograde more challenging than usual. As Mercury slowly regains some pace, he will finally slip from Pluto’s relentless grasp.
Since the New Year, you may have noticed a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ theme in regards to goals or resolutions made three weeks ago. Commitments, long term goals, material security and planning for the future will finally feel as though they are starting to grow legs.
Uranus’ influence on Mercury and Pluto at the Solstice last month will repeat again this week. You may need to face some brutal truths in a certain situation, but once the dust settles, you will feel liberated by what comes to light.


Venus is applying to sextile Neptune.
Only fools fall in love.
Love is blind.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

All these figures of speech are apt to describe when Venus witnesses Neptune under a supportive sextile. It can be difficult to clarify how you feel or what you really want when under the influence of Neptune. Issues around love and money can seem a bit foggy or unclear which displeases Venus in a security focused Earth sign. By surrendering to what you aren’t entirely certain about now will reduce any confusion around your long term plans.

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