Planetary Weather March 1-6

March skies brings a very mutable energy, especially from the 13th – 21st which delivers a concentration of changeability and movement. With exception of the Moon, who changes signs every 2 to 3 days and the long term transits of Uranus and Pluto, March will be mutable madness.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the signs that share the modality of mutability. These four double bodied signs can go from stable to changing and often juggle dual projects at the same time. Digressions and deviations are a hallmark of the mutable nature. Ancient astrologer Dorotheus of Sidon (750 CE) described digressions in the manner of which the mutable signs bring about events. Two different courses of action can be taken simultaneously, often with the second coming to completion before the first!
The adaptable and flexible nature of the mutable signs allows room for changing plans, planning on the run and spontaneity. Their adaptability can make up for what others may see as flippant, flaky or unreliable.

The modalities of the signs are related to the seasons. We are beginning to welcome Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and as I write this post this morning, there has been cloud cover, a light shower, burning sunshine, air thick with humidity, a torrential downpour, then a cool breeze. The mutable signs represent the period in between seasons, where it’s neither the height of Summer nor the depth of Winter.

An example of the how the modalities interplay, as taught to me by my first astrology teacher…

Without warning, in the dead of Winter, the central heating stops working. The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the most likely to get up and start tweaking with the heating unit in an attempt to see if they get it going again.
The fixed or solid signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius might be disgruntled as they weren’t prepared for a change in climate.
“It’s ok,” beams the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or the Piscean, “I’ll just put on my cardigan!”

The month of March will be a bit like the above analogy. Be prepared to have on hand a cardigan, an umbrella and perhaps a hat and some sunscreen…all in the same day!


Venus Sextile Saturn

A constructive link between sweet Venus and serious Saturn can be quite helpful for relationships, both the romantic and friendship kind as well as financial dealings. Venus likes to unify and Saturn likes to solidify. Thus, helping you get on the same page with a long term project, plan or goal.
This link may also be re-enforcing on an individual level as you get clearer about your personal value and what you bring to the table. You may also gain clarity in regard to what you’re worth and what you expect from others in return. Placing limits on how much you give to others in general, is also highlighted. In a financial capacity, you may come to the conclusion you’re worth more than what your employer is currently paying.


Venus Sextile Uranus

After her run in with Saturn, Venus links to Uranus under another supportive or constructive connection. Uranus is about shaking things up, doing things differently but working within the constraints of an already established structure. Injecting some excitement or an element of the unpredictable will inspire the change that Uranus craves. Independence and freedom are hallmarks of the planet that orbits on its side! The quirky and erratic nature of Uranus will permeate love and money today.
The nature of the sextile aspect is to open the pathways to anything new. New people, new places, new connections and new ideas- all very Uranian concepts. This may come as a welcome shift in energy after yesterday’s reality check. Be prepared for sudden changes to the status quo, surprise encounters or exciting rendezvous.


Mercury Square Mars

Mercury makes his second tense square to Mars in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Scorpio, respectively. The first occasion was January 4 when Mercury just turned retrograde. Now Mercury is direct and in fact, flying through the zodiac. Issues that were friction causing or temperature rising late December and early January may rear their ugly head again. There is a possibility under this combination to dig your heels in, however, finding the truth of a matter takes looking at a perspective from all points of view.


After his encounter with Mars, Mercury slips into the ethereal waters of Pisces. Although considered
in ‘detriment’ in the sign of the fishes, Mercury will lend himself to compassionate communications, heartfelt expression albeit with vague details!
Mercury will be in mutual reception to Jupiter in Virgo up until April 5. This will somewhat boost two planets that are otherwise incapable of being on their best behaviour. Jupiter will lend himself to Mercury, who will then be better equipped to nut out details and formulate a plan. Mercury will in turn lend his offerings to Jupiter who can help you refocus on a grand plan, vision or dream. Not that this is the best of astrological offerings, but what it can do is assist you in coming back to your sense of purpose within the sloshy, bogged down emphasis of water planets throughout March.


Mars in Sagittarius

One of the stand out transits for 2016 is that of Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, today brings the exit of Mars in the watery realms of Scorpio and into the fire of the half man, half beast. Despite having minimal essential dignity in Sagittarius, Mars likes action and Sadge likes movement so they can work quite well together. However, passion, drive and energy that Mars offers can ebb and flow under the mutable nature of Sagittarius.
Mars will spend around 4 months in Sadge, triggering a particular area in your birth chart. Even if you’re unfamiliar with your personal astrology story, you may be feeling an area of life rumbling, shifting or ready to implode! It could be your relationship, career, friendships, home and family, income and debts or it could be you…just seeking change, just seeking…something.
The desire to bust out of a rut, to seek more freedom and/or knowledge, to steer your energy toward that of which you’re passionate will be a dominant theme until September. Where you wish to gain new perspectives on life and truth, then this may be where Mars is about to add some fuel to the fire.

Mars was last in Sagittarius in September and October of 2014. Action that was undertaken then that was decisive, driven, volatile, angry, separating, that had a theme of seeking freedom, truth or a sense of ‘it’s got to get better than this,’ may again begin to make its presence felt.

Sun square Saturn

An uncomfortable yet productive tension can occur when the brightest and most vital of the skies stars connects to the darkest and most dim. This sobering square can feel like your dreams and ideals have hit a brick wall or reality check. If you can to rise to the challenge rather than seeing it as a setback, this tension can really work for you. This aspect can derive an obstinate streak where you simply refuse to give up on what holds true for you. A square can provide the energy to achieve the seemingly impossible, where matter and manifestation meet. Be flexible and open to changes in the process of obtaining the outcome, as opposed to the outcome itself.

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