Planetary Weather January 18-24

The week begins with a slow and serene Taurus Moon, working her way towards full come Sunday.
Under the bull’s influence, you’re invited to slow down and enjoy some personal indulgence. A Taurus Moon is perfect for a relaxing massage, a hair appointment or luxuries that spoil your body and mind. Today I bought some clothes! I’m hopeless at clothes shopping, this Cancerian likes to hold on to clothes to the point they where they actually start to look a little daggy!

18 January

Mars and Neptune continue their 120 degree configuration from yesterday, known as a trine. Traditionally regarded as a soft or easy aspect, Neptune will certainly soften the intensity of Mars in one of his ruling signs.
You may feel more acutely in touch with your sixth sense or your vibe about something is on point. Not a day for relentlessly pursuing your goals, but to feel your way around, allowing your intuition to guide you.

Venus in Sagittarius squares both Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Despite the more challenging aspect of the square, two benefic or fortunate planets teaming up does suggest positive outcomes are possible. The nature of the square is to create friction, but without it, no spark or forward movement can occur. Good news or a welcome development may materialise but will require you stretching yourself or working a little harder to gain success. Generosity can take you a long way now so even if you have to put yourself out a little, it will be worth it!

21 January

The Sun moves from Capricorn, to a fellow Saturn ruled sign Aquarius. Saturn, the lord of time, in Capricorn is concerned with what is, and in Aquarius, about would could be. In the air element Aquarius is socially aware and idealogical. Like Sagittarius, where Saturn is currently placed, Aquarius can become fundamental in its ideals and what he believes to be right.
Unlike Capricorn who follows the rules to the letter, Aquarius knows just how far to bend the rules without breaking them.
The Sun’s sojourn through Aquarius will wind up on February 19

24 February

The Sun fresh in Aquarius will oppose the Moon on Sunday. With Luna in Leo, a dash of selfishness is called for. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the Zodiac, always concerned about the collective, the Moon is highlighting the need for ‘me.’ The balance of what you do for everyone else and what you do for yourself becomes focus. You cannot give from an empty cup, put yourself first now.
Mercury is stationed direct and conjoined to Pluto, hidden truths may be illuminated.

Just prior to the Moons culmination, Venus slips into Capricorn, where beauty meets structure. People I know who have Venus in Capricorn really know how to work it socially. They have the gift of mingling with those more senior or more powerful and gain their advantage. They often wear natural fabrics with comfort rather than style in mind. They wear little make up. They have the art of delayed gratification down to a T and often don’t own a credit card, preferring old school saving up and paying cash for the item of their desire. Venus in Capricorn knows what she wants and how to get it.
We can all embrace our own inner earthly Venus up until 16 February.

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