Planetary Weather January 10-17

Monday morning brings the Moon, still renewed in light and vigour from her meeting with the Sun, in Aquarius. Social interaction, making connections and exciting encounters will hallmark the week.

12 January- Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries 16 degrees

Tuesday evening will bring excitement and unpredictability in love as Venus links with Uranus in the form of a friendly trine. This fiery connection will bring back some spark after Saturday’s serious Venus/Saturn meeting. If you felt the cold, dry or harsh separateness that Saturn can bring, Uranus’ aspect may bring a thrilling, unexpected and welcome shift.
Venus can also deliver issues involving money. If Saturn brought about reality check regarding your personal fiscal status, Uranus may bring a surprise cash injection or an out of the blue opportunity to invigorate your finances.
Be open minded and don’t be afraid to grasp something new, as this link will begin to fizzle out by Wednesday afternoon.

14 January- Sun trine Jupiter and the North Node- 23 degrees Capricorn and Virgo

This buoyant, confident and optimistic aspect may shed light on your future path. Events or insights experienced today will be an important key factor in determining how you wish to grow and move forward. Jupiter is newly retrograde so this will feel more like and internal shift or change as opposed to an external event taking place. Taking care of details, planning or logistics will take priority until the Sun and Jupiter meet again in March.

Mercury conjunct the Sun- 23 degrees Capricorn


Retrograde Mercury makes his inferior conjunction to the Sun marking the halfway point of the retrograde cycle. Mostly known by its Medieval term, Cazimi, or, “the heart of the Sun” in Arabic, Mercury is said to be powerful in this position and not effected by the Sun’s beams in any way. In ancient times, to be the king’s hand was almost as powerful as being the king himself. In our Solar System, the Sun is king and when Mercury is Cazimi, he becomes the ‘king’s hand.’
This theory dates back even earlier than the Medieval tradition and as far back as the Hellenistic period. Astrologer Rhetorius of Egypt noted the ancient Greek term ‘egkardios’ to describe Mercury within 1 degree of the Sun.
This offers a short window of time (approximately 7 hours) where mitigating factors all but exempt Mercury from his retrograde status, or at least a few of the snafus that can come with it.
If you’ve been heeding the typical retrograde warnings, from approximately 9:30pm January 14 until 4:30am January 15 AEDT, then you have a green light to go ahead with Mercurial plans you may have been delaying.

While Mercury is flying high with the Sun, he makes a supportive link to Jupiter and the North Node. With both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde, plans are unlikely to come to fruition but your vision or path will feel clearer or more tangible now. You may feel as though the wheels are beginning to turn.
Mercury made his last link to the North Node on December 27/28 and will again meet on 6/7 February. Anything that doesn’t quite come off the ground this week is promised another shot next month.

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