Planetary Weather January 5-10

The Moon continues to diminish in light in preparation for Sunday’s New Moon. As she quietly completes her waning cycle and begins anew, the rest of the heavenly bodies make for an intense start to the first working week of 2016!

I mentioned the Mercury Retrograde in the last blog post, if you missed it, you can find it here.

5 January

Albeit, a more challenging link, Venus and Neptune’s meeting add a dreamy, romantic and possibly escapist mood for the day. A thick fog descends upon areas of life to do with love and money, making firm decisions now feels confusing or unclear. Saturday, Venus will snuggle up to Saturn bringing a dose of reality to your relationship or bank balance.

Venus and Saturn can help strengthen romantic bonds but can also put the proverbial wet blanket over anything with a hint of romantic connotation. The Saturn/Neptune square is a major theme for 2016 and Venus’ early conjunction with Saturn will be your cosmic reminder that duty must come before pleasure.

6th and 7th January

Speaking of duty, the Sun makes his annual conjunction with Pluto and on Thursday, makes a square to Uranus.
Although the Uranus/Pluto square has been in play since 2011 (7 exact configurations) and is now officially over, the Suns swift transit to Pluto and then Uranus in just over 24 hours, provides enough light to re-energise this aspect.
The Sun and Pluto sharing one of Saturn’s signs symbolises being buried by work, obligation or duty. An authoritative body or an individual may being attempting to force your hand. However, with Uranus’ involvement, you have the power to blaze your own trail and assert your own authentic authority.
One of Pluto’s key themes is transformation. In order to change and grow, something needs to be released. This could be a toxic habit, situation or relationship. Pluto can be empowering once you establish what is no longer good for you, make peace with your past and move forward with a greater sense of personal power.
The Sun squared Uranus will provide enough friction to ignite a spark. That will be the realisation that you can break free from what holds you back.

8th January

Jupiter stations retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo. If you have planets or angles within 23 – 13 degrees in any of the mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces this will be extra potent. These 10 Zodiacal degrees will hold the key to where you need to streamline, cut back, analyse and improve upon in order to expand and grow from 8th May, when Jupiter turns to direct movement once again.

10th January New Moon in Capricorn

The first New Moon of the year occurs in close proximity to Pluto, promising change and transformation. This is where the astrological energy of 2016 aligns itself to a ‘New Year’ theme where new undertakings, resolutions and goal setting actually have some sticking power. Saturn being the New Moon ruler and conjoined to Venus, new commitments can be made finacially and romantically.
What do you want to build in 2016?

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